Courier April/May Courier - Page 54

Introducing … This page does exactly what the title says. These profession- als represent organizations that recently joined NTA, and along with the other newbies listed on page 54, they give you new business opportunities and broaden your network of indus- try colleagues. NTA’s newest members Visit Galena Country GALENA, ILLINOIS TAYLORS, SOUTH CAROLINA DMO Tour supplier With loads of small-town character, Galena offers visitors an educational tour through President U.S. Grant’s home, a historical trolley tour and a haunted ghost adventure. Guests can also reconnect with nature, dine above the Mississippi River, and experience sensational wineries, breweries and a craft distillery. Audiences can attend the Logos Theatre with confidence that they will see an astounding professional produc- tion with an uplifting message. The facil- ity functions year-round, offering live state-of-the-art productions in Upstate South Carolina with a 300-seat audito- rium and a 20-foot diameter turntable. Jay Allen Director of sales and marketing +1.815.776.9200 “I have 10 years of experience in the tourism industry, and I am an avid sports fan (mostly baseball and football). I enjoy nature, craft beers and traveling.” Marketing Manchester Frankfurt Rhine-Main Region NEW YORK CITY BADEN-WÜRTTEMBERG, GERMANY DMO Marketing Manchester is charged with promoting Greater Manchester (England) on the national and inter- national stage to visitors, investors, conference organizers and students. The agency is the region’s destination marketing organization and the tour- ist board for Greater Manchester. Jeff Grillo Route development marketing manager +1.212.850.0315 marketingmanchester .com “In my spare time, I routinely traverse the globe, attend Nets games, cheer on my Portland Trail Blazers, seek out comedy shows, and play with new travel and tech apps.” 50 April/May 2018 The Logos Theatre DMO One of the most diverse areas in Germany, the Frankfurt Rhine-Main region offers visitors everything that is associated with Germany: great food and wine, half-timbered houses, and beautiful countryside with enchanting rivers, historical towns, friendly people and many opportuni- ties for outdoor activities. Becky Bourland Tour director bbourland@the “I have always loved the thrill of live- performance theater, which is why I chose to make a career in it. I have two girls, ages 4 and 7, who keep me laughing at life!” Profiles encouraged Think of your member profile on NTA Online as a digital ele- vator pitch that other members rely on when making business appointments or conducting online searches. Is your profile up to date? To find out, log in and click the “welcome” words in the upper right corner. Charlotte Jakobsen Project manager +49.6201.60208.21 charlotte.jakobsen@ tourcomm- frankf