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April/May 2018 A new take on street food: Each September, Napa Valley residents celebrate the California harvest by gathering for a meal and drinks around a 1,000-foot long table that is set up in the middle of Calistoga’s Lincoln Avenue. Turn to page 24 to read about five notable food and drink destinations. Features Compass Faith in Québec: ‘The perfect destination’ 34 Pioneers, presidents and … hair art? Hop on the covered wagon What’s not to bike in Iowa? Here’s to you, Waterloo 5 tasty destinations Patti Nickell takes a look at five top places where food tours, culinary festivals, brewery visits and other localized experiences allow travelers to get their fill. 24 West South Central U.S. 38  A Texas six-step The Old West in western Arkansas Checking in with Cherokee Nation Tourism 41  Latin America Peru’s preeminent archaeological sites Seeking sustainable—and memorable— experiences in Brazil Blown away by Atlantic City 30 U.S. Follow the yellow brick road[s] With its five famous shrines leading the way, the eastern Canadian province is a booming faith destination. 19  Midwest Editor Bob Rouse visited a destination he thought he knew, but AC turned the tables on his perceptions—and rolled out some wacky weather. Three times the fun in Colombia’s Golden Triangle Cazenave Argentina offers customized Argentina Guanajuato is GuanaWOWto 44  South Pacific Safir Tours offers Australia for all Find Hawaiian hospitality with NTA-member hotels 1