Courier April/May Courier - Page 46

COMPASS LATIN AMERICA Three times the fun in Colombia’s Golden Triangle Metropolitan Touring is one of South America’s most diverse place to go,” says Pelizzaro, who is Metropolitan Touring’s and respected travel companies. Founded in Ecuador in 1953, the NTA member has its own ground operations in Colombia, North American representative. “The country was off limits for many years, but now everyone is discovering that this Ecuador and Peru, and has a fleet of ships that is used for its Galapagos Islands itineraries. amazing, diverse destination has so much to offer: art, cul- ture, nature and its very friendly people.” According to Tom Pelizzaro, the company has seen an increase in interest in its Columbia itineraries over the past decade. He says the company’s Golden Triangle itinerary is a good one for first-time visitors. This seven-day tour covers the “Colombia is emerging because many are looking for a new highlights of Bogota, Pereira and Cartagena. In the Colombian capital, travelers see Plaza de Bolivar, the Gold Museum and the Fernando Botero Museum. They also visit nearby Zipaquirá, which is home to an underground salt cathedral that features the Stations of the Cross and a group of illuminated Salt Cathedral in Zipaquirá FLORA naves and sculptures. During their two days in Pereira, which is situated in the shadow of the Andes Mountains, travelers visit the area’s famous coffee plantations and see the world’s tallest palm trees in the Valley of Cocora. The trip closes in coastal Cartagena. One of the best- preserved colonial cities in South America, Cartagena is known for its multiethnic heritage that represents African, Spanish and Caribbean influences. To learn more, contact Pelizzaro at tomp@ or go to “Argentina is one of the largest countries in the world—it is get to see and experience what you want so that you will look as long as the U.S. is wide—and it features some of the most forward to returning,” he says. “We have been offering our famous regions in the world, like Patagonia, The Pampas and services to the American traveler for over 25 years, not only Tierra del Fuego,” says Jorge Cazenave, president of Cazenave for large groups, but also for families, fishermen, mountain Argentina. “Plus, we have the high Andes, Iguazu Falls and climbers, nature photographers and foodies.” vast majestic landscapes, all with very few inhabitants.” For more details, reach out to Cazen ave at jorge@cazenave For first-time visitors, he recommends pairing a few days or visit in cosmopolitan Buenos Aires—birth- Orcas along Patagonia’s Valdes Peninsula place of the tango and home to A-list arts and cultural attractions, as well as a culinary scene that showcases the country’s noteworthy beef and wine— with visits to other regions of the country. A popular choice is diverse Patagonia, where travelers can see marine wildlife and enjoy the beaches along Argentina’s southern Atlantic Coast then head to the mountains of the interior for trekking, horseback tours and hiking to glacial lakes. Cazenave says one of the advan- tages of working with his company is the high level of customization that’s available. “We know every corner of the country, and we will make sure you 42 April/May 2018 Cazenave Argentina offers customized Argentina