Courier April/May Courier - Page 34

For information on all the hotels, attractions and experiences detailed here, contact Heather Colache, tourism account director for Visit AC, at +1.609.449.7151 or Or go to Atlantic City Boardwalk CITY SPOTLIGHT Atlantic City: Blown away BY BOB ROUSE 30 April/May 2018 I had been to Atlantic City a couple of times in my younger days, when I sought out the city’s casinos and excitement. But I enjoyed a whole other view of Atlantic City at the invitation of Heather Colache, tourism account director for Visit AC. To be clear, my view was not clear during my late January visit. Despite a steady breeze—sustained winds of 25 mph, gusting to 35 whenever I stepped outdoors—visibility was a foggy quarter-mile or less. But just as a blind person relies on other senses to experi- ence life, I put away the camera and binoculars and gathered a sense of the place through its people and (indoor) places. Most prevalent of all is the sense of hometown loyalty and pride in place. I was amazed by the number of natives who work in the tourism industry there, including my guides: Heather and Jessica Kasunich, Visit AC’s communications manager. Their passion for the product sets an authentic tone to the town, and I appreciated that touch of Mayberry amid the jan- gly casinos and high-energy attractions. That said, I like jangly casinos and high-energy attrac- tions—along with great food, fun venues and unique experi- ences. Had I visited on a windless day, I still would have been blown away by the options and offer ings along the AC stretch of the Jersey Shore. LET’S START this out “Jeopardy”-style: Answer: An elephant, a lighthouse and the world’s loudest organ. Question: What three things did you not see coming in Atlantic City? (see page 32)