Courier April/May Courier - Page 18

BUSINESS The Interview INDUSTRY INSIGHTS FROM NTA MEMBERS AND COLLEAGUES Tourism really cares in Jordan BY BOB ROUSE As part of the Tourism Cares with Jordan delegation, some five dozen tourism professionals representing tour companies, associations, agencies, destinations, suppliers and media outlets discovered the country’s natural and historical wonders. The group also explored—through site visits, panel discussions and workshops—the power and possibilities of corporate social responsibility within travel. Four of the delegates shared their thoughts with Courier about CSR in the midst of the Feb. 23–28 trip. Each brought a different level of experience and focus with them to Jordan, and each had specific takeaways. And everyone connected with the event contributed their personal insights and interpretations, which produced an even greater learning experience for all participants. Nan Marchand; U.S. Travel Association, senior vice president Keith Sproule; Abercrombie & Kent Philanthropy, executive director Reagan Stulbaum; NYC & Company, vice president, membership, borough relations and Tourism Ready Reagan Stulbaum Stulbaum: As a DMO, I know that people are interested in local, authentic expe- riences, and there’s so much of that throughout all five boroughs of New York City. We can give people the new New York every time they come to visit. So much of what we show off is magical, but there’s something so very integral to New York that we want people to experi- ence as well. That’s what we’re made of. Javier Valdez; Myght, founder Courier: The idea of tourism-related organizations working to make a posi- tive impact on local communities is not new. And there are many examples of good works, community engagement, social enterprise and sustainability. But why? Why should organizations make the effort? Javier Valdez 14 April/May 2018 Valdez: It’s a responsibility.