County Commission | The Magazine August 2018 - Page 5

Biggest Wins for County Government | 2017-18 4 Positive Policy Achievements: Legislature enacted six county-backed bills • • • • • • Disaster Recovery & State of Emergency Evidence in Taxpayer Appeals Workers’ Compensation Claims Purchase of HVAC Units for Local Governments Simplified Sellers Use Tax Remittance Revisions Auction of Tax Liens 4 Gamechanging Member Engagement: 2,285 tweets and retweets in ALCounties Tweet Competition; 3,036 views of Goat Hill Glance video series; 367 county leaders read the Goat Hill Glance email on the average Monday 4 Strengthened Unity: First year for expanded Legislative Committee with representatives from all 67 counties 4 Ensuring a Bright Future: Trustees of self-funded insurance programs moved forward on providing better insurance services through self-administration COUNTY COMMISSION | 5