County Commission | The Magazine August 2018 - Page 44

strongest in the country because the commissioners of Alabama understand how important it is for their team – the staff – to participate in the Association’s affiliate organizations, both at the state and national level, in order to continue their professional development through education. I would encourage all county commissioners and their staff, from all departments, to be involved with this association and attend ACCA events such as the Annual Convention, where they will undoubtedly build relationships and collect an unlimited amount of knowledge that can be brought back to their county. Q A What does “67 Counties, One Voice” mean to you? To me, it symbolizes that there is strength in family. “67 Counties, One Voice” is some of my closest friends – my county family – representing each of our communities at the local, state and national level with unity. n What does CEA stand for? Q The “CEA” designation is listed at the end of your name, which means you’ve received a Certificate in Engineering Administration from the County Government Education Institute. What does this mean? A I graduated from Auburn University in December of 2001 with a bachelor’s in civil engineering. I was fortunate to have worked in Chambers County as a student and stay on as an engineering assistant following graduation. Immediately after graduation, it was clear to me that while I was proud of my degree from Auburn and valued the education that I received, there was much to learn about county engineering and county government in general. Most of what I know about county engineering can be New graduates from the County attributed to the numerous Government Education Institute will be mentors I’ve had throughout recognized during the Awards Ceremony at my career and the education I’ve obtained through the ACCA. the ACCA 90th Convention & Celebration. The Certificate in More info: Engineering Administration education/county-employees/ is the ACCA’s educational program geared specifically to the positions of county engineer or assistant county engineer. I think everyone recognizes that it’s an invaluable program that isn’t available through any other association or institution. But, most importantly to me, it represents countless hours that fellow county engineers volunteered to participate in training young, aspiring county engineers, such as myself, across this state. To me, there is no better training available than that which is provided by our peers in county government. As the county engineering field and county government continue to evolve, it is important to me to keep this designation through continued education. It is also very important to me to volunteer my experiences and participate as a speaker so that I may help another young engineer, just as my mentors helped me. 44 | COUNTY COMMISSION