County Commission | The Magazine August 2018 - Page 4

President’s PERSPECTIVE A Hon. Steve McKinnon President Focusing on the future Wrapping up one great year and setting the stage for the next 4 | COUNTY COMMISSION s we approach the Convention and the conclusion of my presidency, I want to express how deeply grateful I am for having been allowed to serve as your president. Certainly, it’s been a tremendous honor to serve all 67 counties, and I could not be prouder of the strides we’ve made together over the past 12 months. We’re preparing to celebrate our 90th Anniversary, and I suspect every president has approached the end of his or her year with a sense of pride but also a deep sense of regret. The time has passed very quickly and, honestly, it seems as although we are just getting started together. Many of you may remember that my year got off to a rather unusual start. Not long after arriving at the Convention — with my presidential speech in hand — I had to return home and be admitted into the hospital. My friend Mark Culver stood in and delivered that address for me and challenged all of you to “Get in the Game.” And you responded. We had an outstanding legislative year. Among other things, we set ourselves in great position to ensure Alabama is a national leader in reacting to the U. S. Supreme Court’s recent ruling on the collection of taxes from internet retail transactions. The passage of this legislation is yet another great example of what counties can achieve — when we speak with ONE voice. Also during the past year, the Association’s Board of Directors and two insurance trustee boards moved forward with the establishment of a new nonprofit, County Risk Services Inc., to provide administration services for our self-funded liability, property and workers’ compensation programs. What an accomplishment and milestone it will be come 2019 when we have an insurance staff focused solely on the needs and interests of Alabama counties. Knowing the ease at which I can name off our recent and approaching successes, I wish it were somehow possible for me to sit down with the founders of our Association. If I could talk with them for a moment and share just a few of our accomplishments, I truly think they would be amazed at all we have accomplished and at where we, as county government, are today. At the Convention, together, we’ll have the opportunity to take a look back at the early years of the Association and celebrate our histor F&VvFRWW2b6PbW"wFRVFW'2v^( FP7F6vW&RvR&RFF( @W֖rW"7G&FVv2W VFW'6&w&BFR7V66W76gVE$&B&w&BFV7B'FFǒv^( f7W2vW&Rv^( &RvrWfW'Fpv7V֖FRvFW"66p&VWBBv6VV'&F`V'2BFR&VvrbFP&W6FVFV"b67Fr6VG6֗76W"F6W''FW&^( 2VW7FFB#v&R7B6VvrV"WfW'Rw2v^( f7W2V6`W"VW&w&6r&WfVVRf"&@B'&FvRgVFr'WBFW&Rv&RFW"6VvW2( BB6FW 'GVFW2Bv^( &6RFFP666vW7B2vRfRf FR7BV'2