County Commission | The Magazine August 2018 - Page 36

COUNTY FAMILY FEATURE University Stepping from the Commission Chamber to the President’s Office C ounty government is filled with highly effective leaders making a big impact in their communities, and it is not uncommon for commissioners to answer a call to serve at the next level. Many times, this means elected office in the Alabama Legislature or the U.S. House of Representatives. But for Ken Tucker, the path from the county courthouse to the next post took a different trajectory. In this state’s 200-year history, he may be the only county commissioner to become a university president. In 2015 – after a dozen years on the Marengo County Commission – he became president of the University of West Alabama. As he sees it, the two roles are more alike than many people might expect, and those commonalities were abundantly clear in April. 36 | COUNTY COMMISSION Sumter County Marengo County That is when, in partnership with AT&T, UWA hosted the first Alabama Summit on Rural Technology to convene diverse leaders for the purpose of enhancing the region’s technology infrastructure as a means to improve economic development, education and quality of life. ACCA Executive Director Sonny Brasfield spoke in a session focused on public policy aspects of rural technology. UWA undergraduate and graduate programs enroll about 2,000 students on campus and a roughly equal number in online programs. Tucker earned his Ph.D. at the University of Alabama, and today he holds leadership posts with a numbe )ɝѥ́ɕѕѼՍѥ)ٕи!)ɕȁ́ѠՉ)ɥمє͕ѽ̰́ȁ)1͡)ѥٔͽ5ɕ չ)QՍȁ܁ٕ́1٥ѽѡ)չ͕ЁȁMյѕȁ չ)!́ݥɔѡɽՐ)ɕ́ȁɥ՝ѕ̰)ݡٕٔѡѡɕ)Ʌɕ)Q͔ݡݕɔЁѡ)չ䁙䁥ȁɕ)ѡЁ5ɕ չѽ)ፕ չٕɹ)݅ɐɕ͕ѕ ȁ)Ս͙հɅѡɔѥѥٔ)ѡЁɕ͕ٕȁٕ)͕٥́Ёѡх