Country Music People October 2017 - Page 6

News Ailing Bits & pieces... Chris Young joins The Opry Country vocalist JoDee Messina, 47, has been diagnosed with cancer, prompting this message on her website that she’s “working closely with a team to explore all options.” The feisty female CMA Horizon Award winner in 1999, is a native of Massachusetts, who began performing professionally in her mid-teens. She scored big in 1996 with a near-charttopper Heads Carolina, Tails California, followed by a Top 10 that year, You’re Not in Kansas Anymore. Among her six #1 titles are I’m Alright, Bring On the Rain and My Give-A-Damn’s Busted. Chris Young was stunned when Vince Gill issued an invitation to become a regular cast member of WSM’s Grand Ole Opry, Aug. 28. The husky vocalist then lifted Vince up high in excitement (left), before hunkering down to kiss the show’s revered Circle of Fame wooden cut-out upon which past legends performed on an earlier Opry stage. In reply to Gill’s invitation, Chris gave a resounding “Yes!,” capping 11 years of guestings on the historic show. Vince had teamed with Chris to produce their #1 collaboration, Sober Saturday Night, which earned Gold sales status. That same night, Young also accepted his first Platinum plaque indicative of more than a million sales of his CD Neon. Healing They were the WB6W@6VG'VvVBFW'66PF&Vv&V6VB( VF6&6VGW&W>( vFfǖr6W'2BW7B&VV6VB6W&W2`W6֖r66W'G266VGVVB6VFpFRVF&VVw&72fW7Ff&VVB6WBbfvVB'7F2FFR6Gf6WB#&WGFǖ( 2&6W'&6R֖2FV6WB#&ǒ&.( 2f'Bv'F6WB#BFR'W&W66VGf"6GvVFW26WB3FW'66VBF2W76vR( ĒFgVf"FPWGW&rb&W'2g&g&VG2@f2VF6&6VGW&W2vVBw&V@Bv^( 6VVrR&V6( Уb65D$U"#pb^( &R6VG'W62fBfRCB"֖ƖR6'WFRW6RvW&RFגwWGFRBvV&vRW2fVBv6FW"&V6RFRPbV&BV6R67'Vvw26RGV&&VB( f'7BG7&W2( FR7F&2VvB7&W22&Vp6B'66GBVFW'vBWG'VW"vF&6&BG&v6R7W'&VBƗ7Fr&W&W6VG0G&g&&WfW6ǒGfW'F6VBCRR֖Ɩ2V"7V&RfBR&7G2P&VG&26WfV&F&2FVFW"&wF"BWFF"f&W6W27F&Ч6VFW"F&VR6"v&vR6&BVƖ6FW"BFW&^( 2'Gv( vF66( 2&w&( WfW'vB26GW&FvB( Ц6WF&VB'W&Ɨ7B66G@&"26FVBf"b@&VV6RFFR66ǐVB2&6&ǒVW"f'7B6'FVB6VG'vFW FV66GVWBR6( BfRאfRvF&ǒw&6p6w&GFV'F6'WB7VffW&VBVwFG'7V&WGvVVG2VFW"c6V&66FvF&6F&66VbVVBF6VG'F672&vB"w&rFR֖FFRbV'F6RFW&VgFW"6R66&VBvFW"&BFR'GFW'2f&6ff&VBGVW2BFV"^( v2fRגfR3#Rcr6RFV2"vFvWFw&W"&f"f2@FR6VG'W62bfPbW6WV6fR