Country Music People October 2017 - Page 52

She adds with a laugh, “That’s our goal... make everyone love bluegrass.” During their time on the show The Mountain Faith Band sprinkled magic bluegrass dust on many a pop song, something they enjoyed as well as helping them in their quest to convert the masses to mountain music. “Covering pop songs was something we had always wanted to do. AGT gave us that opportunity. After we saw that people were enjoying them, we learned even more. When we write, we try to incorporate country, pop, and even Irish rhythms and riffs because we enjoy it so much. We try to pick songs no one would ever expect to hear on bluegrass instruments, then we learn it.” Looking back at their time on the show now, Mountain Faith reflect, “Going on AGT was definitely one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. It was an opportunity we were very blessed with! It changed our lives/music/ mindset in a very positive way. “Thankfully we didn’t really have to defend bluegrass when we were on the show. A lot of people there had never even seen a banjo so they were in awe of it! I would look around and Brayden would be teaching producers and other acts how to play duelling banjos.” 52 cmp - OCTOBER 2017 For their new album Summer Brooke & The Mountain Faith Band have taken the unusual step of releasing two versions. One, released first, is a traditional bluegrass acoustic version, while the second, out just weeks later, is an electric version of the same record. “We wanted to release a full on country album, but we also wanted music for those that prefer acoustic. We want to keep everybody happy and enjoying our music,” Summer assures. “I hope those who prefer no drums will still love the acoustic version,” she continues, “That’s why we did both. We want people to fall in love with us and th ѽɥ́ݔɔ)ѕѡɽ՝ȁͥ+q=ȁЁմЁɥЁѕȁݔݕɔ)ɥéЁQиMѡݔٔ)ͼ丁]ѱ䁱ЁɅѥ)]ѥ䁅ɕ͕Ё)ѥͥݔɕ͕ ])ݕɔɥѥ她܁ͽ́Ёݔ)eЁɕɑѡ]хѕɕɑ)͡ЁݕɽI͕)ɕэȁɕѥ٥䁽ѡ́մ)]ɔ፥ѕЁлt)]Ѡɽͽ́䁽ѡe)ѕЁɕ͔ӊéѼȁݡѡ䁅ɔ)́չхѥ̰а)́MյȰq%Ё́ɐѼЁɅ)ѕȁݡЁɔ׊eɔQɔɔͼ)䁅ݕͽ́Ёѡɔ%ӊéЁ)ѕȁѡՕݡQ́)ЁݽɬQչхѥ́ѡЁ)ȁٕͥٔȁՕѥ她)͔ӊéՕɅ̰ѡձ丁]ɔ)݅́ͼɅѕհȁɅ今t)5չхѠ͕ѥ䁉́)䁉ѽéѥՑ)MյˊéMɽѡȰ Ʌ呕)ݥѠչЁ Aа)յȁM七q%Ё́ɔ)ɕͽչЁѥɅѕ́Ѡt)́ͅMյȁѡѕЁ+q=ȁՕ́Ցͽ-Ʌ)UMхѥAչ ɽѡ̰%ɥ͠)ͥՕɅ́ͥͥɽ)賊tхѕ́ѡéչɽЁͽ)ݡхѕ她ЁЁͥ啅́+q]ٔɽ͍Օ̸$)ѡѡӊéݡЁ́ȁͥչՔ)]Ё݅ЁѼɅɔ))չt)Mյȁ ɽQ5չхѠ )MQݸ1́م