Country Music People October 2017 - Page 46

albumreviews “... a delicious undercurrent of Outlaw running through a selection of swing, heartbreak, introspection and damn good fun.” EMILY HERRING Gliding  Gliding / Midnight / Yellow Mailbox / Best Thing I’ve Seen Yet / Right Behind Her / Last Of The Houston Honky Tonk Heroes / All The Millers In Milwaukee / Balmorhea / Semi Truck / Getting By Producer: Steve Fishell Eight 30 Records 39:01 48 cmp - OCTOBER 2017 With apologies if it spoils anyone’s enjoyment of a future issue of this magazine I tell you right now that this album is going to be in my Top 10 of the Year. A couple of months ago I was interviewed by an internet publication and asked what first turned me on to country music; had I at that time heard this album I would simply have handed over a copy and said “music like this”. There is a delicious undercurrent of Outlaw running through a selection of swing, heartbreak, introspection and damn good fun. Ms Herring has a classic country voice, which hints at Patsy Cline, as well as fellow Texans Tanya Tucker and Rosie Flores, but which remains essentially Emily Herring. She writes superb songs too and on this album gives us the gentle sway of the Chet Atkins co-write Midnight and a stunning version of Semi Truck which first slipped into gear on the 1972 Commander Cody album Hot Licks, Cold Steel and Truckers Favorites. I found the lyrics of Yellow Mailbox an astute representation of whether or not to let go of a relationship and Right Behind Her a touching expression of self doubt and grief. Herring herself has commented that this album contains a higher proportion of sad songs than she perhaps intended but there is balance, particularly in Best Thing I’ve Seen Yet and All The Millers In Milwaukee, which could be tailor made for UK country radio. Steve Fishell produces the likes of Emmylou Harris and Rodney Crowell which puts him in a good position to recognise a special talent; his work on this album shows off this particular special talent to perfection. In addition to her abilities as a writer and musician Fishell says “she laughs all the time and is a joy to work with.” Now I should apologise to Emily Herring because this, her fourth album, was my first encounter with her undeniable awesomeness. I have been on-line and ordered the back catalogue so I promise it will not be the last. Check this young lady out for yourself, she delivers real country music. Chris Smith