Country Music People October 2017 - Page 44

albumreviews BRYAN FONTENOT Somewhere in Texas  Almost Always / Folding Money / God Bless The Boys (Work For Beer) / Pain / The Perfect Weekend / Pipeliner Blues / Somewhere In Texas / Sweet Cheyenne (Katelyn’s Song) / To The Highway LAURA MULCAHY Funeral, Home, Lizard...  Cuckoo / Dreams / Real Estate / Even Stephen / Lizard Lady / Legs Eleven / Supper At The Cousins / Dummies Guide To Love / Moonshine / Sea Song / Fire In The Belly / St. Ann / How Do I Love Thee? / The Affair / The Gift / Monster Lullaby / Requiem / Murmuration (Flutterfly) Producer: Wayne P. Sheehy Self Release 71:09 The box marked ‘strange albums’ needs to be opened again. This time we discover the debut album from the wonderful Irish singer- songwriter Laura Mulcahy. But 44 cmp - OCTOBER 2017 Producers: Mike McClain & Bryan Fontenot Lariat Records 30:12 Bryan Fontenot’s career as a rodeo rider ended with thirteen hours of reconstructive surgery after he came second in a tussle with an angry bull; he lost his mother to cancer the day Hurricane Rita blew in and a brother in tragic circumstances shortly afterwards. Thankfully his career as a country music singer looks like being a more upbeat story. This is his second album, his first Who I Ain’t won the Texas International Music Association Album of the Year, and it will appeal to those of us who like a little authentic honky-tonk bar feel to our listening. Certainly the opener is a real two-step toe tapper and God Bless The Boys (Work For Beer) with its smile inducing lyric reminded me slightly of Joe Diffie’s Pick Up Man, which is no bad thing. I also enjoyed the narrative lyric of Perfect Weekend, which I can see appealing to the dancers among you, and for which there is a very entertaining video on YouTube. If I have a criticism of this album it is simply that it is too short; I very much enjoyed what I heard but a mere nine tracks and only a few seconds over thirty minutes for a full priced album is in my view less than good value for money. Surely somewhere in the repertoire there must be another new song or a strong cover of a classic to fill this out to a fuller length. Mr Fontenot has a strong country voice and writes darn good songs in a variety of styles; if you’re a sucker for an old fashioned waltz you may find yourself playing the title track again and again, and Sweet Cheyenne (Katelyn’s Song) is a very strong country ballad. As far as I am aware there are no plans for UK dates but if you do find yourself on vacation in Texas or its surrounding States and see Bryan Fontenot advertised as playing in a local bar then do yourself a favour and check him out. It is what it is, good old country music performed well and great listening – just a shame that there isn’t a little bit more of it. Chris Smith what genre of music do we have? That’s the pertinent question and pretty much impossible to answer! Some songs are in several genres. Funeral, Home, Lizard... is not a country album, though. It does at times have folky and Americana leanings, and a fair few influences. Laura Mulcahy is a writer Ʌ)͡ɥ̰ͽݡձ)́͡ЁɅѼ)хͽѽ́ѡ́ݽձ)ٽQ́́ݥѠ屔)ٕٔ)QͥˊéɽՍȰݡ)ѡ́ѡЁ1Ʉ)5ձ䁥̃qѥձ䁉̇t)$ɕѡݔɔ)́5́5ձݡɔ)ɕɕѼхɥͭ́ȁѡ)ͅнͥ́ɕ́ݥ)ɽ䁡ٔѡɕ䁹ܰ)ѡ́մ́Ёȁٕ役)Ёѡ͔ݡaЁӊdݥɽ)ٔи)1ӊéݥѠѡɽٕͥ)MȁЁQ ̸ͥ=ٕȁ%)%ɕѡɅ)Ʌ٥ѥ́ȁѡȁݸ)є1Ʉ5ձ䰁ͅ)ѡ́ѡ́́ɽM)́х䁅%ѕɹ)ɽѡ́ͥɬ)ݥѕɅ́ٔѕQͽݥѠ)ͥ́)٥1Ʉ5ձ̰ͥ+qݡɔ́ѡյ䰁ѡ́)ͅtQѡȁɅݡ)䁝Ё܃aϊd́1)ٕݡ́ɬͅѥɔ)Ёѡ͡丁9)ݽɐ́݅ѕѡ́Ё)ͽ1Ʉ5ձɕ́Ѽqѡ)-ɑ͡ȁɅͣt)1Ʉ5ձé ̀)Ʌ̰ɔչѼٔ)ɼȁāѕ́́饹)Qչ Ս)ݥѠѡݽəհݽɱ(́卡ͥ])ͼЁͱЁɽ)Mѡٽ́ѡ)մͽչЁ9ͥ)Ʌ%ɥ͠Qմͼ)́չݥЁ屔)ɕ́́ɝ́)ݡ́Ր)̸Qͽ́)ȁ́ѼЁѕȁݥѠ)ѡȸMMѡ)ɕ٥܁݅́хѕ1Ʉ5ձ)́٥ɔɽՉ)ݥѠqɥѥϊtIхєͽչ)ѱɕéͽ)́ݥѠձЁɕѥ͡(qeԁeЁݸtͥ́1Ʉ)5ձ丁Q́́ɉɥѕɔͽݥѠɕЁѠ)Qͽͽչ́ѱ)ѡЁѡȁɕѡȰ)Aɕ٥ѡȁɅݥѠɕ)Ѡ́MMݡ́)ЁݥѠ͕)Ʌѥ͡ɥи)ɔ%Q 䁥ͻeЁЁӊe)ݹɥЁݕɐMхѥݥѠ)ݡ͠Ёѡ́Ʌ)ٽݥѠ)̸́)1Ʉ5ձéմ(܁ͽ́ݥѠɥ́Ѽ)݅ѡ!ݕٕȰѡ)Ʌ́յх%ӊe)є͕ͥѥٔ݅Ѽ)ѕȁմ%ѡɕ)յݽɱѕ)ɕͥӊéݽəհ)ȁѡ͔́ݡͽѡ)ɕаѼ݅)Ѽѡͥݽɱ1Ʉ)5ձ丁%ӊéݽəհɥ͔)1Ʉ5ձéմ́Ʌٔ)ѥєѡ՝љհɅ)ѡȵݽɱ䁅Ё́͌)ѡ聅хЁѕ)%ԁݕɑ́)Ս́$ԁ͡ձ)Ё1Ʉ5ձ䰁役͔)͡ձɽݥѠɕ)ѥ)AհI