Country Music People October 2017 - Page 43

THE TEXAS GENTLEMEN TX Jelly  Habbie Doobie / Pain / Bondurant Woman / Dream Along / Gone / My Way / Superstition / TX Jelly / Pretty Flowers / Shakin’ All Over / Trading Paint Producer: Beau Bedford New West Records 49:08 If you’ve had the privilege to enter the hallowed studios at 603 Avalon Avenue, Muscle Shoals and imagined where Aretha played the opening chords of I Never Loved A Man to Spooner Oldham, on electric piano, before he picked up the song and helped create a classic then you can’t help but know that, like the first space walk, it was here that something was taking place that was phenomenal. The place has that importance and feel and I can well imagine the thrill of studio time and a head full of ideas. This is the opportunity that befell The BIG SADIE Keep Me Waiting  Danny / Only You / Before Morning / Anni’s Orchard / Like A Fool / Need Your Love / Baby It Ain’t You / Corn Liquor / Good Woman / Next Train Home / Same For Me / Keep Me Waiting Producer: not listed Texas Gentlemen: they used their time well. This Dallas collective’s debut with TX Jelly unleashes a faithful and heartfelt confection of sounds that make you immediately think of the most enduring rock and country sounds of yesteryear. Beau Bedford, says of FAME “we figured out at worst, we would have a great time as friends hanging out in one of the most historic studios in America”. As a consequence the album has a live feel and you get the impression that the band were uninhibited by a prescribed set list and plan! What came out was diverse, authentic, interesting and on occasion wickedly funky. The band has worked together for some time and has been the backing band for box office successes such as Kris Kristofferson, George Strait, Ed Sheeran, Leon Bridges and Ron Wylie Hubbard. Frankly sat behind these artists then they must be adaptable and believable in any style. To this end they effortlessly slip into another genre and completely own it. Hoobie Doobie is a 1970’s rock jam. You could well imagine them starting with this in the studio just to find a groove at the start of recording. We get the band playing around before they huddle around and play off a melody. Thumping bass, guitar played through an amplifier that makes it squeal before other solos follow. The PR talks of George Harrison or The Band influences on Pain. Nah… let’s talk about Elton John circa Honky Chateau. Listen to that piano chorus for heaven’s sake. In one of a couple of interesting lyrics this tells the story with offbeat comedy of a femme fatale who works her way through the band with dire consequences… the video ffW2B`fR&BG&VrגvB&WGGfvW'0&RG&FF6VG'FRG&62&P&VWFgVǒVBBFR6Ɩ6G`'&vVVBB&GV7Fv66VVV@&bc( 2Bs( 2dR0WfFVBvF22FR&VFrvW&PVF7FVV&VG2FRf62fRFPW'6ƗGBV'FfVBVFFB7F2VR&V6rf"FV"W&Rvv&@7F6W2FW6RG&626VVFVǒvFW&6'F7G2F&&ƖrvF&v7G&VBFv6VG'W62F2V"G&FrB2W&R6VGBFV2v7FgV7F'FB&RvVB&R&VBF626W7F2wVF"2rvFf6&6VB'S( 2&W2vRV&bFR6vW.( 2&RB'&66WG&fW FvFrBRv6f@( 7V&'^( FǗ&26( B&R&Bखf7BFR&֖RBVW"2Ɩ&W&ǐ7&VBFR'VB7FfV( Bv&V@WBrFRv&G2( &r.( B( 66W"@&V֗76( v6v2FRF&RvF( 7WW'7FF( FRG2vFFR6V6F"7F6R7WW'7FFR&W@FRv&G2'WBbFW2&RFVgFW F2bFWV"FRVGB'&vVVBFW&R2BFF66fW"&WVFVBƗ7FV0BfRW&RFfW07FRG&VR&V6&G0C3#G&67V66RFBFWFBFW&R2&GV6W"Ɨ7FVBFVvW27&VFFVBFR6VWfRf"VvVW&pB7FW&rv6VG2RF7W7V7@FR&B&GV6VBBFV6VfW2BbЦ6'&V7BFRWfF&R6&֗6W2bFVЦVff'BfRFVFR6'W72WBb6WfW&G&62FR6w2&R6VbVVB( 2&VBvFBF&RG&FFGVW2W&RBFW&P( 2FRr2vBF&VvWBBfP&VG6ƖVFVBFR&W2'WBFF( BfVVF2'VFRvW&R𦆖vG2vrf7F"W7BfW"W660r6RGVW22f"26FVFW&R&R2f"&p6FRFFW"FRT7W'BbF2'VЧ67W7V7BB2VƖVǒFRV6bখ7BfW"W&R6&26֗F66v&6VBGVVƗ6R&W&v&72@f62B6Ɩ&RwVF"Bf62g&BFR&BFB2&r6FR( 2FW&RV@'G&f62BGB'&vࢆfFFRf62f"FR&V7BFWvW&RfFV@&W7B6VG'&BFR66v&VFW"&W7@b66v&VFW'>( V&ƖW"F2V"66FW&rFBWfW'&GvWG2F6pF2'VB2W&26vf6BFBאffW&FRG&6'vBB6VG'֖Rv0FR7G'VVF( 2&6&BbFRV@f6W2ffW"&VfW'&VB&^( 2Bv7@FR&W2F&VvWB&R7G&rfV@fW'ƗGFRFW6FRRC2֖WFW2bfƲ&VVw&73F&R''WFǒW7BFVvBF0VFRFVFW26WfW&6W2FVvFW&Pv2ƗGFRƖgB&vBBFRVBvFFRFFP5D$U"#r6C