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albumreviews MARGO PRICE All American Made  Don’t Say It / Weakness / A Little Pain / Learning to Lose / Pay Gap / Nowhere Fast / Cocaine Cowboys / Wild Women / Heart of American / Do Right By Me / Loner / All American Made Producers: Matt Ross-Spang, Alex Munoz, Margo Price & Ivey Third Man Records 38:02 It’s amazing what a Jack White connection can do for your career. Margo Price is a protégé of The White Stripes’ main man and seemingly came from nowhere to much acclaim with her debut just a year or so ago. I’m still not sure if it’s because Midwest Farmer’s Daughter was so amazing or a timely breath of fresh air amid the sea of pop bimbos. Was it that a whole new audience was discovering Price’s edgy and more hardcore sound or was it that longtime country fans were thrilled that a young singer had arrived who sounded a lot like a young Loretta Lynn? I still don’t know the answer to that but I do know that female country singers have been finding it difficult to succeed for some years now and I’d like to think that if there were more around like Margo Price they’d stand more of a chance. Just a couple of months ago Price released her Weakness EP EILEN JEWELL Down Hearted Blues  It’s Your Voodoo Working / Another Night To Cry / You’ll Be Mine / Down Hearted Blues / I’m A Little Mixed Up / You Gonna Miss Me / Walking With Frankie / Nothing In Rambling / Don’t Leave Me Poor / Crazy Mixed Up World / You Know My Love / The Poor Girl’s Story Producer: not listed Signature Sounds 37:58 Eilen Jewell defies a number of pigeon holes as regards genre and floats beautifully between several. You’ll always be guaranteed to enjoy her effortless, easy paced seductive vocals, 40 cmp - OCTOBER 2017 and now comes full length album number two, which if you liked Midwest Farmer’s Daughter you are sure to embrace this. Here, still sounding like early Loretta - she even addresses the plight of women as Loretta might have done in Pay Gap - and Price pulls off being feisty and tough while at the same time implying vulnerability which might have been part of Loretta’s magic in 1960 with Honky Tonk Girl )Qմ݅́ɕɑ)5́ѡ́ɕ)́͡ѡչͽհ)1ѱA ) ݉䰁ѡɗéѥ)ɕɼѼ䁽ѡɅ)ݥѠ]̀ɽѡ@)ͽչ́ЁɽɅ)Ёѡͥѥ̸Ё)䁥́չѼѡՕ)ݥѠ]9ͽ1ɹQ)1͔ݡЁٕȁͥѕ)́ѼՑȁѡ)əɵ́ݕЁѡ)ɈɅ́ѡѕȁեх)她)5ȸ)!ȁѕЁɕ͔ȁɅ́ɕɑٕ)ݼ́́ѡɕͅѥɕ%ɕ)䁡ȁѡˊéՕ́ɕɐѥ͡)́ѼѡхՔɽ́ͥ)͕́ͥ́ɽ5́5)]ὸ1)ͽ ͥMѠ)Ёѡ̸%ЁݽձȁѼͅѡЁ͡)́ѡ́݅䁉ɔЁٕȁݥѠ)մٽѕЁѼѡՕ̸)Q͔ѕɕхѥ͕́Ёɽ)ѡѡɥ́Ёѡ䁅)ٔѕɅ䁙=ѡɔ)ɕЁٕ́́ )ϊd'e1ѱ)5ᕐU9ЁЁݔхЁѼչхѡ)ѡɔ́ͽѡչݥЁѡ)մѡЁ)ݕ啐ѡ)ѡЁ́Ս́)5ȸ)Mɕ䁥́ՍѼ͕ٔ́٥́)́ձɕѼմɥ́)ѡЁљհ݅ѡɽ՝и)ݸ!ѕ Օ́݅́ ͥMѣe)ɥéЁȁѥ)եхȁɥЁ̀MݸMɄ)M܁ȁѥɔѥѥѽ)ͥЁٕ䁑ɕѱ䁙ɽ ͥéѕɕхѥ)5剔ѥѡٽ́ݥ͕ȁѡѕѥ)Ѽѡ͔ɹհѽ̸Mѣe)ͽЁɅ$չٕ)х啐́ݕхѡ)ѥѱɅ́Ʌѡȁɕѕѥ́)ݽձٔ饹)ݕɔMɥѕéQIٕ)մ)$ѡAɥ́ЁȁЁ)ѡɅ́ݡͽչѡ)չՍ́ͽ)Ё]]ȁѡ)݅饹1ȸ)$ЁѡЁЁɥѥ́ݥ)ٕȁѡ͕ٕ́Ѽ)ѡ́Ёȁѡɔ)ЁQɽˊe)9܁ ѡ́Ёи5ɝ)Aɥ́ѡѥЁ)ѼձєѡՍ́)MɝMͽ$ѡ)݅ͅ䁅Ёȁ́$)ٕ䁝Ѽ)ͥմЁͽЁ)剔Ё她ѱɐ)ѡиQ́́ѥѕ)ɕɅѼЁЁѡ)Ёѡɔѡ՝)չ]ݥ)ɥѥѼѡՕ́ɱѠ)ձȁͥЁչхѕѥ)ѡѱЁЁѡ́́݅́)ݽѡݡѡѼ)%Ё)ݕ́ݱѡ)хɥɽ́ѥ́ɔ)ЁЁݥѠȁ1ɕф1幸İɥє)մ эȁ!ȸ=ݸ!ѕ) Օ́ѡѡɅ́ɔɥ䁉)ѥ́͡٥ѕ́ԁѼ)܁ፕѥѡݕɔٕ䁵)ѕ)Qɽ՝Ёȁ͉յȰ))ͽ ͕́ݥ)ɡѡɅ́ЁЁ])ύée׊e 5ѡȁ]ὸ)ͥѥ Ʌ5ᕐU]ɱ́)ѡЁɔݥѠѡѥ5ˊe)եхȁ)AȁɳéMѽ䁥Ց́٥ѡ)ѱ䁭ѡɡѡѡȁ)ѡ́ѡ́хɅѡUM)́մ͕ȁݕѥѼ)ѡمɥ́展́ɔ)$eЁɕѕѡЁЁѡɕ͕)ѡЁݥȁ݅ѡ́啅ȰѡЁѡ́́)хЁ䁽ݽɬ聉ЁЁ́光)׊eɔѡ׊eЁͅѕ)Q%ٕ