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cmp OCTOBER 2017 Volume 48 Number 10 Issue 572 News Walt Trott in Nashville Duncan Warwick in London Stars out for Hurricane relief Editor Duncan Warwick Contributors David Allan, Janet Aspley, Donnie Ayers, Craig Baguley, Larry Delaney, Don Cusic, Julie Flaskett, Kelly Gregory, Michael Hingston, Spencer Leigh, John Lomax III, , Douglas McPherson, Stephen O’Hanlon, Roland Purdy, Adrian Peel, Paul Riley, Wayne Smart, Chris Smith, Alison Stokes, Tom Travis, Walt Trott, Jack Watkins Special projects coordinator Kelly Gregory Photographers Helen Parish, Patricia Presley, Ian Tilbury, Barry Dixon, Billie McAleer Printed by Henry Stone Printers Distributor Seymour International Press Distributors Ltd. 2 East Poultry Avenue London EC1A 9PT Telephone +44 020 7429 4000 Fax +44 020 7429 4001 Country Music People is published the last Thursday of each month by KICKIN’ CUTS LIMITED 24 Darley Close, Wittering, Peterborough PE8 6EQ, UK Telephone +44 01780 - 783689 Main pic: Luke Bryan mans the phones. right: Chris Young and Tim McGraw at the HandInHand event. Reportedly billionaire President Trump and account with a goal of $500,000, ear-marked dollars, targeted for Hurricane Harvey relief, for the Red Cross. Then there was a four-city but NFL Houston Texan football star J. J. national telecast Sept. 12 - Hand In Hand: Watt, 28, started small, creating a fund drive A Benefit For Hurricane Harvey Relief - a for victims of the disaster, setting a goal of major simultaneous fund raiser from Los $200,000. To the rugged defensive end’s Angeles, New York, San Antonio and Nashville. amazement, that goal was surpassed almost Performers participating in Music City take the immediately and has since logged some $20 stage at the Grand Ole Opry House. Name million in pledges. country players set for the one-hour special Music members have also taken up the 4 cmp - OCTOBER 2017 include Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert, cause, with Willie Nelson joining music buddy George Strait, Lyle Lovett, Chris Stapleton, Paul Simon, who with wife Edie Brickell, a Robert Earl Keen, along with Hollywood elites Texan, matched the Trumps with their million like George Clooney, Reese Witherspoon, dollar donation initially, but additionally plan Matthew McConaughey, Barbra Streisand, charity concerts with Nelson, kicking off a Drake, Jamie Foxx, Beyonce, Justin Bieber benefit Sept. 22 in Austin. Incidentally, the and Oprah Winfrey. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Simons designated their personal donation for estimated cost of rebuilding the damaged state towns outside Houston, hard hit, too, by the likely reaching $180 billion. storm. ©2017 Kickin’ Cuts Ltd. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted by any means without the prior written permission of the Publisher. The Publisher accepts no responsibility for statement of fact or opinion expressed by contributors. The views of the contributors are not necessarily those of Country Music People or its editor. Additionally, Young set up a GoFundMe First Lady Melania are donating a million Cinema names also pledged million-dollar Kip Moore and skateboard champ Tony Hawk joined talents to headline Harley- donations toward the Texas tragedy, notably Davidson’s premier Music City Skate Jam, Sandra Bullock, Leonardo DiCaprio and Sept. 10, in Nashville’s Walk of Fame Park Tyler Perry. Back in 2005, Simon started the downtown. Proceeds will benefit victims of Children’s Health Fund, following Hurricane Hurricane Harvey, along with Kip’s Kids Fund Katrina’s devastation. New country star Chris and Tony Hawk’s Foundation for needy young Young chose to pledge $100,000 for the skaters. Moore shared this observation with Harvey relief effort, noting in his Twitter post, the daily newspaper: “I’ve seen the impact my “I have friends and family there, and I’m fairly skate parks have had FRW"6FW2( fP6FfRגW6RFvFW&RfRF6VVFRF&V7B7BFW( fRBFW6P&RF&Fv2Bv2RbFR&FW7BG2FW&RFVƖrRN( 2FRf'7BFpB&V2'vBBfFr'WBFN( 2FW( fRWfW"fVBBFV"&VG2&RFVƖpFRV7Bbג66W&( v'&VB&WBRN( 2VWrFVWBbvw2( vƖvG0FRVRƖR6Bגg&VG2f֖ǒbFR6FRvW&Rv( 26FpVv&'2BvBFV( W&FfvVB'&^( 266W'B