Country Music People October 2017 - Page 39

DAVE STEWART Nashville Sessions – The Duets, Vol.1  1/2 Drowning In The Blues (with Alison Krauss) / All Messed Up (with Martina McBride) / Just Another Fall (with Diane Birch) / God Only Know You Now (with Jesse Baylin) / Bulletproof Vest (with Colbie Caillat) / Cheaper Than Free (with Stevie Nicks) / Picnic For Two (with Joss Stone) / One Way Ticket To The Moon (with the Secret Sisters) ASSEMBLY LANE Northbound  The Hills Of Mexico / Ain’t No More Cane / Mind The Gap / The Fair Flower Of Northumberland / Northbound / Fivefold / Sir Patrick Spens / 1845 / Road To Columbus / Don’t You Hear Jerusalem Mourn? Producer: Assembly Lane & Josh Clark Self Release 46:41 For fifteen years, Newcastle University has been running a Since the Eurythmics, Dave Stewart has been involved with numerous projects and in recent years, he has been working in Hollywood, often on the scores for action films based on graphic novels. About five years ago, I remember being him on breakfast TV with Joss Stone as they were forming a supergroup with Mick Jagger but I don’t think anything came of that. However, Stone has been involved in country music ventures which have led to three albums – The Blackbird Diaries (2011), The Ringmaster General (2012) and Lucky Numbers (2013), the last named being recorded on a boat in the South Pacific. Now there’s a fourth, this one, a collection of some of the duets, mostly ballads. There has been a TV documentary, The Ringmaster General, about the making of the albums, but I haven’t seen it. I never much cared for Eurythmics, thinking them empty and cold, and so I am coming to this compilation fresh, never having heard the three albums and not having much interest in Dave Stewart. Firstly, I am surprised how conventional it al 2FPWrvfR7F2fRvPBFW6R&RFRwVF"֖fVV6VB6&f06VG'&G2FR6w0&R6֖"&vVǒ7VrvFFffW&VBfVW2bFVЧvF&W76fR7&VFVF2FfR7FWv'B27FǒFP&6w&VB2FVVBPv2vFWW'F֖72Bǒ666ǒ6W2FFRf&PF6rFBfW'6R^( 20v7&rvf"FRf'7@6V6G2b'VWG&bfW7BBR6w27BbRvF6WBFFR'WBN( 2FPv&2vF֖FRऒ&V6VFǒ&VvB4B`GVWG2FBB&VV7&VFV@g&6RBFV2'g&涖R֖W"BFRG&60FW6RGv4G2&R7@FW&6vV&RFR6w0fR6֖"FV2BF( @&VǒvvW&R( B6F@FRg&涖R֖W"6w2&P&WGFW"27FWv'N( 2Ǘ&72&PgFVFW'&&S( vN( 2&PW6FrFvf6v76( FV"FV"FV"F&Rf"'VWG&bfW7@BG&vrFR&VW0&RFV6VB6w2BfPFrv7BFRv&2'F4'&FRBƗ6&W706VB'F7V&ǒvB7V6W"VvfƲBG&FFW62FVw&VPB6RV֖VB'&F6fưW662fR7GVFVBFW&R6VFrFv6V֖ǐ'F&6VWwFBV7f'&VFRFW7BW66G&V@FVW&vRg&FRVGV6FW7F&Ɨ6VB2FR&@76V&RRv62FRWbfW"Wv67FR&6VBW660vfR&VVGFVFrFPVfW'6G2VFW"VFW&w&GVFW0"7Fw&GVFW276V&ǒR2fW"ЧV6R7G&r&BbF&W FƖf62W2&VvW fFFRf62&Wf'&0FV&R&72BGFWr&@wVF"B7BbFRV@f62FW&RfW"WG&VVǐ66Ɨ6VBW662BFWfRW7B&VV6VBFV"FV'W@'V'F&VBv626&FbFW&W7FrFW0G&FF6w2BFW@7G'VVF2FRFW&0G&vg&'&F6BW&6fƲW2FW"6W&6W2'WBFWRFR6rbFRfW'FffW&VBG&FF26VV2GW&2FRvFW7vF6&WGvVV7G&r&BB6FV&'&VVw&72ffW'2FWVBvFFR&f6v7VbF( @RV"W'W6VW&F&VRbFR7G'VVFG&62vW&R66VB'FФ&W"֖BFRvFW26RWFVfƲGVRfwW&R76rB&WGvVVFR7G'VVG0vF6FVV&VƗ6VC'F&VB26r&VfV7FfPV6RvFfVǒ6VFW"VFW0g&FRFƖBfƖBffVfBV'2FfPFR7F'FrBb6W7F0fW'6bגv^( 2wVF &fbg&FRVBWVƖ6pFVBB6gW6VB&Vf&PFWfVrFFW"VF2@&F֖267G'V7F2FRFW 7G'VVF2FR&&RGVP&BF6V'W2FRW&6G&FF6w26fW&VB&RFR0bW6&6v&6r&WB7WGFr7Vv&6RFFV@( B&R6RBCRFRbG&fW"v676&ǐ&vǒ6W2g&6FFW&R&RGv'&F66w2FPf"fvW"b'FV&W&@2&&FR6rf"Wv67FR&6VB&B'WBB0FW6( BGW&WBvVf"FRvbFRFFR26R2v6VBf`'66GF6vBǒFf@R2&VG'&VBB6R06VB&6F'FV&W&B6 G&67V22FR7F'bখfFVBB6WFVB&W"v62b66GF6&vB0&VV&V6&FVB''F7G2'WBF2fW'66VG2ƖRB0fVV6VB'FR'F66খFW'&WFF76V&ǒRfR76V&V@FW&W7Fr66RbFW&BFRr2f'VW2vF6&Rf62G2bG&6FP7G'VVFFWFBG&@6vW2b&F֖2BG֖0V62֖6Vw7F6fR6rvF&VV6WfW'6vRvBvF'F4'&FRRBvFW&֖6VRVǒ&GV6W'3FfR7FWv'B֖P'&Ff&B4'&FRb707FPV'&CS 5D$U"#r63