Country Music People October 2017 - Page 38

albumreviews SWEETBACK SISTERS BRETT YOUNG Gotta Get A-Goin’ / I Got Lucky With You / Trouble / King Of Killing Time / I’m Gonna Cry / It’s All Your Fault / One Day At A Time / That’s All It Took / Don’t Worry / If Drinkin’ Don’t Kill Me (Her Memory Will) Producer: not listed Signature Sounds 34:54 Back On The Wagon / Beautiful Believer / Close Enough / In Case You Didn’t Know / Left Side Of Leavin’ / Like I Loved You / Makin’ Me Say / Memory Won’t Let Me / Mercy / Olivia Mae / Sleep Without You Producer: Dann Huff Big Machine 41:53 King Of Killing Time  1/2 It is now ten years since the wonderful Sweetback Sisters began entertaining us with a unique take on old style country and western music. The band, as usual, offer us a neat mix of original songs and cover versions from yesteryear. We open with a cover version of The Davis Sisters’ 1950s song Gotta Get A-Goin’. The original is on YouTube and although this new version works, it isn’t radically different; the swinging feel of the song remains. Of the other covers, Gram Parson’s classic T ]8&\[]\۸&]\H[ ܈HܚY[[ܘ[H\[YH[[^[H\\[H[ܙX]YH\X[Hۙ]HX[H[ۈBY]X\\&\\[ۈ[&]H[H H[X[B[\[K[\\X[HۙۈH[[H\[ܙHۙ\&B[X^[Y[[&H۸&][YH \Y[[ܞH[ KHܚY[[[YZH]\ܚ][܈\ۙ\HY[[YYH[HH]\[ۈ\Y[ [H[[\Hۙ Y\[ۙY\[[Y[ H\\[\B [ۈ[]H[H]H[H\[HX[ۋHY]X\\X\H]H\\]\X[\H\B[]Hݙ\وX\Hؘ[&H NMH]۸&]ܜHX\œ][\HXܙYHH[[H NNLˈH[]\[ۈ\HYH^HY[[HZ]\XZ˂H[[H[Y\YHܚY[[ۙXX]B[ۙZHH \[HXH]][[Z]\[H\Z[[HY[[HۙH^H]H[YKBY]X\\]H[ 8&]8&KHY]X\\\H[YX[H[]\[X[[B[Yۛܚ[Y[\[\[ˈHݙ\\وH]˜[[HZ\ܜ\[H\X^KHX[[HX\H™YX[ H\[[[[\[[H\X\]HؘXH[&] H[[]HHY]X\\&B\[YX\[H܈[ܙHوH[YH[H^[YX\˂[[ً8&\[x&H[^K8'[[KY]X”\\'K][[^B\ HБT M][[» K̂][[\HXHKB\H]\X\Y[وHXZBݙ\[][HHY“XX[HX[ܛ\[™[\XHX]\ZHܚYB[ܙXH[KH\Xx&\›[]H\H[]B[\Y\Hܚ]H\ˈ[و\\]]\HYB\X[\HX\\˂Y\\\[HYX\قZ[XZH][[YܛXBx&\[X\Y\\۞[[\˜[[K]Y\ۈHX›و\[\ L X\\8$Y\]][H[[\H[HY&]ۛˈZ\Y\][Y&\YYHX[™܈\[H\\›ZH\[]Z][[ۙ\\[[x&[[YY\ˈY[HY[[XX[]H\[ۈ^Y\^Y\Y[Y[Y[B\[[Y[^[ۙ[[[ܛ][ZX\X܈]\[X[HZ[[X[[\BY][\[\[x&]BXY]\H]\[[\[B؈ۙK\[H]ۈH[\]H\[[˜[HY[[[x&[X\[[\[Z\XHX[HقYZH\ˈ]\][H\ݙ[HY[[[[BX]X\Y\X™\\[Z[ܙ[\[B[ۜXHX]XZ\›XYH[ܙH^ܝXX][BYZ[Z\\[[\Xܛ˜HܛY\[\\ۙB[]YY^[[YYBX[[\[ۘ[HY[Z\]ۈ^H[Y\HX\XZ]\\ݙ\Z\XY\ HZ\H[H]\]Z]BX\XKHZH][H8&YXXš\[YۘH[H[x&H^KHXH\]X]H[B[]\H\YX\\Y[XY H[\\H\][B[Y[[ܘXH]B[[XX[]HZ]\\]\˜]HY[YKHX[ۂY\][][H[\\œY\Hܛ][K]و Lۙ[\\[HHBܛH LHX^XH[X][B\۸&]\][H8&X[YY8&K\Y[[\x&]H\ܝY[T ]\š[YH^\Z[HT˜Z\]\]^HHق\[ܙHܙX]]H\\X\Y[H[ۙ^H\™Y\[Y\X[Y\X[H]\Xˈx&[BYܝXH]H8&8&H[وH\[\]\\\B[YH[[]\[YZ[]]XوXY[XZ\YHܜH]]\˜XZ[]\X܈[H™۸&]X[HZH]\X˂YXZ HX\Hܙœ^H]\[H[^H] H]H[[K][YB]^HYHYY[BH\H\^Z[\[[Y[Y]H]Z]HZY\[[K \HYZ[B[YZHX[]̐KX^XHH[&]Y]]x&[BXYH\[\Y] ۞H]\