Country Music People October 2017 - Page 36

albumreviews CountryMusicPlaylist What we’ve been listening to: THE GRASCALS Before Breakfast  Midland On The Rocks Jack Gulledge Going To Dallas The Two Man Gentlemen Band Two At A Time Zephaniah O’Hora This Highway Erin Enderlin Whiskeytown Crier The Reeves Brothers King Of Country Music Emily Herring Gliding Rhonda Vincent & Daryle Singletary American Grandstand Thomm Jutz Crazy If You Let It Margo Price All American Made Jake Hooker I Am Yours Sleepin’ With The Reaper / Demons / Delia / I’ve Been Redeemed / Lonesome / Beer Tree / Pathway Of Teardrops / Lynchburg Chicken Run / He Took Your Place / Lost And Lonesome / There Is You / Clear Corn Liquor Producer: not listed Mountain Home 37:33 The Grascals are a prolific, six-piece bluegrass band, who came up working with Dolly Parton and have recorded I Am Strong and Viva Las Vegas with her. They have performed for President Obama and been on the Grand Ole Opry over 150 times. Their revival of Last Train To Clarkville was great fun and their LYNN DRURY Rise Of The Fall  1/2 Charlie McNeal Runaway Train Bo DePena Long Road To Denver THOUSANDS OF RARE COUNTRY CDs FOR SALE All in perfect condition NEW LISTS every SIX WEEKS Send large SAE to: J&J Country Sales Oak Ridge, Shootersway Berkhampsted, Herts, HP4 3ND 36 cmp - OCTOBER 2017 Lifetime Of Living / Anniversary / 11:11 / Cold Feet / Water Your Words / What Good Is The Rain / Rise Of The Fall / Tuesday Lover / Freedom Tree / I Need You / Taking All The Good People / Shutter Producer: Lynn Drury & Rene Coman Self Release 54:21 Anyone hearing the debut album from Americana singer Lynn Drury will know very quickly that she has a fine voice. The singer is also a decent songwriter 2016 album And Then There’s This topped the US bluegrass charts. They’re good, very good, and the changes in line-up have not affected their output. They choose their songs well and the album opens with new boy John Bryan offering a twist on the marriage vows, Sleeping With the Reaper. John is a fine vocalist, but the lead vocals are shared by the band and they h ɵ͔ѥձ䰁ݡ)ɐѼѥձɱ䁝Ёѡ ѥ)ͽչQٕѕɅɥѕȁ ͽ)́ѡȁɕЁ̰Ёɕɑ)- ͹䀴́ɥѥѕȁѡ)́呅)Qɥͽ́Ց1ͽɥѕ)́ȁQMѠЁͥѥݥѠ)ٕͅЁѥɅи%Ё)ݥݥѠѡЁ٥1Ё1ͽ)ɥѕAհ=ٕɕи)QɅѥ̵ՕɅ́ ȁQɕٕ́)光ɔɅѥՕɅ́)ٕѼѡȁɥͽ ȁ ɸ1սȰ)Ʌٔݡ́ѡմQɔ́ɥѕ)յх1幍ɜ IոQɔɔݼ)ፕЁͽ́'eٔ I)Qɔ%́eԁѼЁM՝́ݥѠ!)QeȁA]AɍݥѠAѡ݅=)Qɑɽ̸)ѡ՝ѡɔ́ѡمѥٔЁѡ)մԁٔЁոхѥ)Mȁ1)Ё͕́Ѽɕ٥䁥ȁɥѥݥѠ䁽)ѡͽ́չȁѡȁѕ̸Ʌ)ѡմɔɥѕɥѕ1幸䁉)ѡɽՍѥ́չ)=ѡЁͽ̰]ѕȁeȁ]ɑ́́)ݕչݥѠѡ)MхͽհՕ$9eԁ́ѡȁݥȸ)!ݕٕȰѡմ́ٔͽ́ѕɕѥ)Ʌ́ѡٕͅ䁅ѡѥѱ)ͽݡɽ́݅ѽ)Qɔɔ܁չͽհIɅ̰)ݡQՕ͑1ٕȰɕ͕ѼɅ)Qմݥ́ݸݥѠݼɱѕ)̰ѡݽЁȁѡͽ)MѕȰѡ䁡Ёݡ́ͽݡѱ)$eЁٔЁѽѡɕѼɥєѡ́Ʌ)́аI͔=Q́ٔ)̰Ёͽ́ɔݕѼ݅)ѡɽ՝ѡȁٔєɥ̸ȁ)͍մѡ́ѡ́ݽձٔ)ȁɥɕ͔܁Ёͼ)1幸䁥́䁩Ёхѥȁͥɕ)ݥѠȁЁɕ͔'eɔ͡ݥѠ)́ɥЁѡ́մ́Ёѽ)̸)AհI