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Taking you back to the barrooms, when a song was a nickel a spin! The Lonestar beer was cold, and the dance fl oor stayed hot! THE ORPHAN BRIGADE Heart Of The Cave  Pile of Bones / Town Of A Hundred Churches / Osimo (Come To Life) / Flying Joe / V.I.T.R.I.O.L / Pain Is Gone / Alchemy / The Birds Are Silent / The Bells Are Ringing / Sweet Cecilia / Meet Me In The Shadows / There’s A Fire That Never Goes Out / Donna Sacra Producer: Nielson Hubbard At the Helm Records 47:21 In 2013 the Orphan Brigade released an album, Soundtrack To A Ghost Story, which they said had been recorded in a haunted house. I thought, “No, it has been recorded in a house”, and dismissed it. I should have investigated it further. The album had been recorded in a former plantation home, Octagon Hall, near Franklin, which had been used to house rebel soldiers in the Civil War. Kentucky was a divided State and because many of them couldn’t return home, some soldiers were known as the Orphan Brigade. Just as the Band had a problem following their second album, how do you follow Soundtrack To A Ghost Story? Ingeniously, as it happens. The band (Neilson Hubbard, Joshua Britt, Ben Glover) were on tour in Europe and they were shown the caves under the streets of Osima, Italy. The caves were 2,500 years old and secret societies had flourished there. They learnt about Saint Joseph of Cupertino who foolishly levitated in front of the Pope and was banished underground, lest he attracted followers. He is now remembered in Flying Joe, and the whole album is inspired by the caves and has been recorded in them. The album starts with an African-styled death chant, “We ain’t leavin’ but a pile of bones”, with fiddles and old string instruments, and a similar approach can be heard in Alchemy. It is Americana rather than country and it could easily have been recorded by the Band. They write excellent songs and perform them well and there is something of the eccentricity of the Magnetic Fields about them too. How can you top lines like “The dust on my boots is older than Jesus.” I loved the whispered vocals in Pain Is Gone, the gospel of The Bells Are Ringing and you can sense the earthquake in The Birds Are Silent. Not quite sure what the overall conclusion is but they do want to carve their names in the wall. The songs are beautifully recorded but as I have an advance copy, I don’t have all the details. However, both Gretchen Peters and Will Kimbrough were involved, which obviously adds to the quality. How will the Orphan Brigade manage their difficult third album? Well, on their next European tour they could come to Liverpool and I could show them the Williamson Tunnels which were built under the city for some unknown reason after the Napoleonic wars. There is also a grave in Rodney Street for a man who lost his soul when playing cards with the Devil and was buried above ground in a stone pyramid, seated at a card table and holding a winning hand. Spencer Leigh THE REEVES BROTHERS “Home Sweet Honky-Tonk” “If you think real country music sounded good in the 70s then you’ll love The Reeves Brothers... they’re real country and I like the cut of their jib.” Country Music People New Album “ KING OF COUNTRY MUSIC ” Coming October 21st PREORDER NOW Available from Amazon, iTunes and your favourite specialist stockist OCTOBER 2017 - cmp 33