Country Music People October 2017 - Page 20

“Most bluegrass fans love traditional country music. Anything that’s traditional and has that traditional riff to it.” “Well, I feel like I have the best of both worlds,” says the fifth generation performer and multi-instrumentalist. “My mainstay, and I guess what pays the bills, is really the b ՕɅ)ͥаԁ܁ݡаӊé) 5ɽIMх)ɅѥՕɅ̰ݔٔݥ)ɅѡЁ́Ѽٕ役)ɽѡ́ѼɅ]ٔ)չѼȁ́͡(= Q= H)ݔٔɕѥɕ́Ѽ)́͡ݔѼͽѡ)ٕ役+q]ݔəɴݡЁԁݽձ)ՕɅ́ݗeɔѥѡͽ)ɽ ѠMѥ]ѕ́ѡЁ'eٔ) չIչ$ͼ)ɕɑ5QɥѡɥєѼ)5ɱ!ɐݔɕɑՕɅ)ٕͥͼЁݽɭ́х)$ЁѼѕЁѡՕɅ́ɕ)$ٔɅѥչ䁵ͥ)%ӊéɕ䁙ɽ䁍͔)$ɕ܁ͥɅ)ٔɅѥ́ѡɔ݅ͻe)͕ɕѥѡͥ展̸5)չЁ ѡɥݽձͥͽ)͡ͽչ́Ё-]́)ɅЁͥ 5ɽͽ)ͼЁ݅́ѥѡ͔)ɕЁ展́$ѡѡӊe)ݡЁ$ѥ$ٔѡЁ$ЁѼ