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albumreviews JIM LAUDERDALE From Another World  Some Horses Run Free / When You Can’t Have What Your Heart Wants / The Secrets of the Pyramids / Like People From Another World / One Away / Listen / For Keeps / Slow Turn In The Road / I’ll Forgive You If You Don’t / Graceland Horses / Ever Living Loving Day / Are You Trying To Make A Song Out of Us? Producer: Jim Lauderdale Yep Roc 40:47 Many CMP readers will both know and love Jim Lauderdale’s work, either from his own recordings – From Another World is his 31st album – or from songs of his that have been hits for artists including George Strait, Patty Loveless and The Dixie Chicks, among many others. Nevertheless, when settling in to listen to a new project of his, it is important to remember the first rule of Lauderdale fandom: Expect the Unexpected. Lauderdale may be a superb singer, with both a God-given vocal gift and a mastery of every convention in the hard country repertoire; he may have a flair for tunes that make you want either to weep in your beer or two step around the floor; but you can always rely on him to bring something fresh, both lyrically and melodically, to the traditions that he keeps at the core of his music. Like People From Another World, co- written with the Texan singer-songwriter Mando Saenz, is a delicious shuffle of a love song centred around what must be the quirkiest compliment in country. The theme of inscrutability in a lover is continued the flowing country rock ballad, co-written with Logan Ledger, The Secrets of The Pyramids. Ledger also had a hand in For Keeps, a classic-sounding ballad of commitment, co-written with the great Melba Montgomery. When You Can’t Have What Your Heart Wants is full of resigned longing, whereas in the lyric of I’ll Forgive You If You Don’t, Lauderdale makes a playfully tentative attempt to emerge from the friend zone; there is something absolutely satisfying about this Sara Douga co-write, whose thoroughly modern language and theme are teamed with a loping melody that would have been at home during the classic country era. So far, so expected. But as Lauderdale has said of this record, “a long time ago, I decided that… I would ignore the categories people tried to put me into and just make the music that was in my heart.” And there is a lot of something psychedelic in Lauderdale’s heart, and perhaps also in his head. His love of 1960s country rock emerges on Some Horses Run Free and on Slow Turn In the Road, where Lauderdale’s urgent vocals are complimented by some edgy steel guitar from Chris Scruggs, of Marty Stuart’s Fabulous Superlatives. I have to admit to being thoroughly puzzled by The Graceland Horses, but just when I might have had him down as a cosmic cowboy, Lauderdale offered a spot-on comment on the polarisation of today’s society through Listen. Which brings me to the second rule of Jim Lauderdale fandom: There Are No Rules. Janet Aspley 48 cmp - MAY 2019 DAVID QUINN Wanderin’ Fool  Cryin’ Shame / Grassy Tales / Gap Tooth Girl / Wanderin’ Fool / In My Dreams / Three Quarter Time / Tried And True / We Both Know / Where The Buffalo Roam Producer: Andrija Tokic Independent 26:21