Country Music People May 2019 - Page 46

albumreviews IRENE KELLEY Benny’s TV Repair  Something About A Train Sound / Bluegrass Radio / Cabbage Head / Thunderbird / Out Of Arkansas / Benny’s TV Repair / Highway Back To You / Anything To Help You Say Goodbye / Hills Of Home / Faster Than Angels Could Fly / Walk With Me Today Producer: Irene Kelley Mountain Fever 35:00 In my mind Irene Kelley is a bluegrass superstar. The first single from this album, Something About A Train Sound, appeared before Christmas and spent five weeks at #1 on Bluegrass Today’s Weekly Chart and the second single, Bluegrass Radio, followed suit. Bluegrass radio loves her, bluegrass fans love her, and any new work from her is always a treat. This new album was much anticipated and throws up more great songs from her pen. The subject matter may seem a little clichéd on the opener, but Something About A Train Sound strikes as true to the heart of a country fan today as it ever did. Its rollicking bluegrass feel would lend itself just as well to a Johnny Cash rhythm or a straight ahead country production and that in itself highlights the greatest quality that Irene Kelley possesses — her songs are pure country to the heart, proper bluegrass, and embody everything that ever will be great about both genres. Bluegrass Radio, a Jerry Salley co-write, could be a Miranda Lambert song just as easily as it could be a Patty Loveless song, but to suggest that might take away from Irene Kelley’s own style which I find intoxicating. It’s a love song to bluegrass radio and the DJs that play those songs and any country fan can relate to the lyrics of the chorus, “Playing those songs, taking me back home, the ones about a simple life, the kind I used to know, Warming my heart just like a dashboard glow.” The title track is a highlight on an album full of them. I love the way Irene Kelley sings about personal memories of her childhood, remembering her father, the key change to the chorus and the way she likes to reminisce in song. Irene Kelley puts