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COUNTRY GROOVES GORDIE MacKEEMAN AND HIS RHYTHM BOYS Dreamland  1/2 We Specialise in Real Country Music! Hundreds of hard to find Country LPs and CDs, from the fifties right up to the present day. All at bargain prices Send us your e-mail address to countrygrooves9@gmail. com or send a large SAE to: Roger Wheatley 6 Pilgrims Place Reigate RH2 9LF Just Want to Be Loved by You / Four String Polka / Stop Stop Stop / Strength in Numbers / Like It That Way / Dreamland / Morning Train / Honey / Run with Us / Western Reel Medley / Sittin’ in a Bar / Said Too Much / Why I’m Right Producer: R.S Field Factor 45:44 These guys from Canada do it all. Rooted in roots, Canadians, Gordie MacKeeman and his Rhythm Boys go from an old-timey stringband sound to bluegrass and even honky tonk. They even include a polka and a reel, and they prove themselves highly adept at all of it. Listening to this, their fourth album, and the one with the greatest number of vocal tracks, it’s easy to appreciate how they have wowed live audiences, including the Cambridge Folk Festival. Frontman Gordie is a showman and while polkas might be generally out of style these days, it’s easy to imagine a live crowd with a few beers in them going mad for Four String Polka. Strength In Numbers is proper country and I’ve liked more like it, even if it owes a decent part of its tune to What Made Milwaukee Famous, whereas Like It That Way shows classic pop sensibilities (in a good way) that hints at the band’s appreciation of bands such as The Hollies whom they cover here on the album’s low point, Stop, Stop, Stop. These guys are seriously good, but I can’t help thinking that their very variety is the very thing that stops me going all-out for them. Listening to the beautiful title track I wanted more like it but the in your face slap bass of Honey made me want more of that, and the sparse Sittin’ In A Bar left me craving more like it. I’m sure if I were to see them live there’d be some great lump bevvied up embracing the Scottish roots he never had and charging into people thinking he’s had the time of his life and in his head convinced he is schooled in Scottish country dance. I’d hate that, but I totally get why this band might incite that kind of behaviour. They do it well, but as somebody who has a separate iTunes library for various genres, it’s just a bit too all over the place for me. Duncan Warwick MAY 2019 - cmp 39