Country Music People March 2019 - Page 64

Charts KICKIN’ CUTS the most kickin’ new tracks - hot tips for the dancefloor AMERICANA hotdisc TOP 20 The Official Album Chart of the Americana Music Association 1. To Stay SARAH PATRICK 2. Soul Of The West CLINT BRADLEY 3. Hurt (Live) CLIVE JOHN 4. Party Girls CHARLES PARKER 5. Your Pretty Hazel Eyes KENT GILL One heck of a debut includes songs that woulda made Strait or Chesnutt proud. 6. Every Little Thing MILLY COLTHERD 4. ZAC CLIFTON Always Gonna Want You / A Drunk Needs A Reason / Honky Tonk Heaven / Fiddle On The Wall 7. I Couldn’t Find The Words To Say Goodbye DAVE SHERIFF featuring PORTER WAGONER 8. Why Don’t You MARTY RIVERS 9. Slipping Away EVE GRAHAM 1. GEORGE DEARBORNE Bring Down The Wall / Everything You Want / Better Off The former Cutter’s frontman is out of retirement with a killer set that couldn’t be more Texas. 2. SHAWN FENNER Bad Decisions / Late Nights / Sad Lonesome And Brokenhearted / Light It And Run / The House Always Wins The right decision would be to play Fenner loud and wallow in his beer-stained honky tonk. 3. STETSON WALKER It / Good Old Fashioned Love Makin’ Song Young talent with a respect for the past rarely found in one so young. 5. WELDON HENSON The Heartache’s On Me / Hung Up On You / Are You Thinking Of Me Too Keeping it original and true, as always. 10. I’ll Be Your San Antone Rose KERRY FEARON 6. DALE WATSON Haul Off And Do It / Inside View / You Weren’t Supposed To Feel This Good / Run Away 11 Some guys have all the luck, and some just keep flying the flag for honky tonk for nearly 30 years. 12. Last Minute (Radio Edit) HELEN JAYNE McKELLAR 7. JAKE BLOCKER Just Between You And Me 13. Suds In The Bucket RUBY RENDALL Just 14 years old and he’s nailed this classic in true dancehall style. Hopefully they’ll be an album soon. 14. Until It’s All Gone DAVID STARR 8. VICTORIA GEORGE Bad Men Happen To Good Women / Lonely Town / Tables Are Turning 15. Apartment #9 ARLENE There really is nothing better than a beautiful melody and there are plenty here, all wrapped up in a 90s feel. 16. Never No More HANNAH JOHNSON 9. ADDISON JOHNSON All Over But The Cryin’ / Bonfire 17. Don’t You Wanna (Remix) DENNY STRICKLAND featuring JUICY J Neo-traditional at its best from Nashville-based writer. 10. MICHAELA ANNE feat SAM OUTLAW One Love Song 18. Better Beer KEVIN FISHER Enchantingly Parsons-esque and killer to boot. 19. Far Side Banks Of Jordan LARISSA TORMEY COMPILED BY DUNCAN WARWICK THIS IS NOT A SALES CHART (SADLY) © 2019 COUNTRY MUSIC PEOPLE 20. Heartache RUSSELL LEE ©2019 Americana Music Association 64 cmp - MARCH 2019 We Always Will SANDY McLELLAND ©2019 Hotdisc