Country Music People March 2019 - Page 52

LEFTY FRIZZELL An Article From Life: The Complete Recordings  20-CD Deluxe Box Set & Book 264-page hardcover book. 361 tracks CD 1 -9 Recordings 1950 - 1974 / CD 10 - 11 Demo & private recordings Transcriptions: Take Five / CD 12 Transcriptions: Country Music Time (Navy) / Country Music Time (Navy) / Country Music Time (Airforce) / Country Style USA (Army) CD 13-20: Audiobook - I Love You A Thousand Ways: The Lefty Frizzell Story - Written & narrated by David Frizzell 52 cmp - MARCH 2019 T o a fan of country, actual country, not Americana, not singer-songwriter, not folk, not rockabilly, just country, the real stuff, you know, all fiddle and steel with songs about hurtin’, livin’, lovin’, drinkin’ and cheatin’, ultimately it all comes down to two singers. Hank and Lefty. Sure there were your Roy Acuffs and your Jimmie Rodgerses paving the way but Hank and Lefty form the foundation of everything we perceive as real country music. Without Lefty’s influence Merle Haggard would not be the Merle Haggard we know and love. Same goes for Keith Whitley or any other male singer considered to be stone country or traditional country. Haggard called his influence “immeasurable” and his way of delivering a song practically defines the genre. It can be hard sometimes listening to Lefty and not thinking you were listening to Haggard, that’s how immeasurable. It’s no wonder they have been heralded so much in song, and when it comes to Lefty Frizzell, if you happen to be lacking any of his catalogue in your collection, Bear Family have come to the rescue with their latest boxed set An Article from Life: The Complete Recordings. There’s a quote from Roy Orbison highlighted in the