Country Music People March 2019 - Page 49

CARLTON ANDERSON Carlton Anderson EP  1/2 Carlton Anderson is a young singer and songwriter from Cypress, Texas who delivers three tracks on his Arista debut. Learning his trade in honky tonks and dancehalls the sound here is undeniably modern but with enough of the roots showing through to recall the ’90s. Country Music Made Me Do It is a provocative title and the song doesn’t really live up to the that title. The best of the songs is Drop Everything, although an acoustic version on his website trumps the production here for me. It’s good to see young singers who sound like country singers getting signed these days but it might depend on how well these tracks do at radio as to whether an album will materialise. RAY SCOTT Honky Tonk Heart EP  JOE WORTELL & THE NATURAL LAW I Tried EP  1/2 Here’s a three track debut from Chicago honky tonkers Joe Wortell & The Natural Law that shows great promise. A deep understanding of classic country is evident and Wortell’s voice has a trace of gruffness which lends gravitas. Short and sweet, these originals will leave you wanting more. I Tried is the most catchy, but even better is the steel-laden Loves Me So. Hopefully a full-length release is not too far off and if you happen to find yourself in the Windy City they are worth tracking down. B U L LETI N BOA RD Do z e ns o f cou n t r y C D s , o l d i e a n d c o u n t y v inyl LPs , b o o k s a n d m a ga zi n es . Call Martin 012 7 5 3 4 3 2 8 6 F ree t o a g o o d ho me . It seems criminal that Ray Scott isn’t as big as say... Toby Keith. And Toby Keith comes to mind because there is a feel about Scott’s latest five-tracker that could almost make it a Keith release. It’s indisputably country, but in that rough around the edges, rockin’ and uncompromising way, and Scott of course has a voice to die for. This is as sure to please long-time Ray Scott fans as it is newcomers and this might be short but it’s certainly sweet. Opening with the full-on title track, Scott takes no prisoners with this Southern Rock-inspired charger. However, it’s on the slower It Is What It Is that not only can Scott’s voice really shine but also his way with a lyric. It might even be worth a punt to Stapleton with its bluesy feel, and overall I can’t help feeling that this is the record Stapleton ought to make. Trainwreck is one of those tongue-in-cheek songs at which Ray Scott excels. I loved the line “this trainwreck just ain’t your station” and it brought to mind earlier work like Those Jeans and has a Waylon feel to it. The cinematic ballad Leave This Town sounds as if it has ‘hit’ written all over it, even now. There are shades of Springsteen but it still sounds like a country record. Thank You Baby is also a terrific song that deserves more attention than it will probably ever get. Ever since his major label deal quite a few years ago, Ray Scott has been consistently putting out great music and this is no different. MARCH 2019 - cmp 49