Country Music People March 2019 - Page 43

RYAN FARMER Just Another Night  She Can Do Everything (But Fall In Love With Me) / Amelia / Just Another Night / Motordrome Blues / Down In The Morning / 1849 / Down To The Water / Ol’ Sparky Blues / My Darlin’ / Ran Aground Producer: not listed Independent 40:51 I am always delighted to be introduced to new British talent, especially when that talent is for real country music. Ryan Farmer is a Nottingham native, Just Another Night is his debut full length album and it follows on the heels of a 2015 EP which gained its fair share of critical acclaim. The first line of the opening song made me sit up and take notice in a “wow this guy has a great voice” kind of way, and that thought didn’t diminish right through the album. There is also an impressive maturity to the writing; there are influences, I got threads of Gospel, touches of Swing and a recurrent Waylon-style vein of laid back good old Outlaw country. Arrangements are simple and effective, two acoustic guitars and a stand up bass for the most part, and backing vocals are introduced for emphasis rather than effect. Down In The Morning is a deliciously poignant song about the Bevin Boys, conscripts in WW2 who were called up for armed service but made to work in the coal mines instead. Chosen by lot and often totally unsuited to the physical demands of the work they were also likely to find themselves ostracised by society simply because they were not in uniform, and in many cases Bevin Boys’ “service” was not allowed to end until 1948, long after contemporaries had returned home as heroes. It’s an impressive song on several levels. Equally impressive are the fast moving Motordrome Blues and the bluegrass influenced My Darlin’; I can see the title song and that opening track picking up their share of radio plays too. If Ryan Farmer is a new name to you also I seriously suggest you check out this album which, in my view, is innovative, refreshing and highly enjoyable. The official release date for this was at the end of February and, apart from a launch gig in his home city, there don’t seem to be any touring plans but I suspect this album may well lead to Ryan Farmer being added to several of the major festival line-ups this summer. Chris Smith MARCH 2019 - cmp 43