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Left: The Chicks With Hits - Terri Clark, Pam Tillis and Suzy Bogguss. Bottom: Terri Clark standing outside Tootsies where she got her first break in Nashville playing for tips. about possibly taking it over there [the UK] at some point. I think it would do really well there. People really appreciate music and nostalgia in the UK and appreciate the stripped down format that we’re doing it in too, so I think it would be a lot of fun to go there.” The cover art for Clark’s latest record shows her sitting in Tootsies, the place where effectively everything started for her. “Well, taking the pictures at Tootsies kind of leant themselves to the Raising The Bar theme,” she reflects, “and that is where I started out thirty-two years ago when I moved to Nashville so it’s very full circle. It’s definitely thematic and I think that there’s a definitive consistent, continuous theme that is woven throughout the album. It’s either about those milestones and ‘aha’ moments in life or it’s just about just going through life and relationships and break ups. I think country music to me has always just been about real life and that’s the kind of record I wanted to make. I wanted to make a record about living. “I don’t hear myself writing when boy meets girl at my age. I have to sing it every night because it was a big hit when I was in my twenties, but I definitely resonate with a different type of lyric these days and what I want to write is generally going to be a little different to what I was focussing on writing twenty years ago, for sure. Part of that is I’m not necessarily chasing down the radio hits and that frees me up to do a lot of stuff that’s genuinely from the heart and saying things that I just want to say rather than saying things that I think I’m supposed to say or chasing anything which is a nice place to be.” As well as her substantial list of hits on the Billboard chart, Terri Clark is revered and lauded in her home country where she has enjoyed sustained airplay through the years. Maintaining a sound that’s relevant, commercial, and contemporary while still being recognisable as country is not always as easy as it sounds but Clark has evolved subtly. “I think sonically things have changed so much over the MARCH 2019 - cmp 15