Country Music People January 2019 - Page 2

WI I L LD D ! ! W WILD! ! D L WI D! ! D L I W D! “...a goodtime album to get you on the dance floor, albeit with serious moments.” WIL SPENCER LEIGH WILD! WIL ! D L WI D! ! D L I W ILD! “An intoxicating mix of boogie, rock ‘n’ roll, soul, R&B and straight country...” LD! WIL WI  ! D L I W LD! W WILD! JACK WATKINS ! D L I I W W ! ! D D L L I ! I THE ACCLAIMED ALBUM W ! WILD W D! WILD! “Simply, it’s great fun!” TONY BYWORTH Country Music People “...a blast from beginning to end.” DUNCAN WARWICK AVAILABLE NOW ! D WILD! WIL WILD! WILD! WILD WIL