Country Music People December 2018 - Page 64

Charts KICKIN’ CUTS AMERICANA the most kickin’ new tracks - hot tips for the dancefloor 1. JOSH CARD Suffer / Wait For Me One of Whitey Morgans 78’s plays his trump solo card and kills it. 2. CHUCK CUSIMANO My Heart Is Back In Texas / You don’t Have To Say Goodbye / You Should’ve Been There / There’s Only One So very Texas and such great songwriting. How is ol’ Chuck not a household name? HOTDISC TOP 20 The Official Album Chart of the Americana Music Association 1. VARIOUS ARTISTS Muscle Shoals Small Town Big Sound 1. Dirty South LUCAS HOGE BMG 2. MARK KNOPFLER Down The Road Wherever 2. Mammas Don’t Let Your Babies… MICHAEL PETERSON & BILLY YATES British Grove/Blue Note Records 3. JOHN HIATT The Eclipse Sessions 3. Life’s Too Short RUSTY RIERSON 4. Under The Influence TIM CULPEPPER 5. Hillbilly Rock TEXAS FEVER 6. You & Me ROSS WEBB 7. I’ve Got A Feeling MARK WAYNE GLASMIRE 8. Now We’re Getting Somewhere JAMES ROBERT WEBB 9. If The Devil Don’t Want Me KERRY FEARON New West Records 4. ROSANNE CASH She Remembers Everything Blue Note Records 3. STRYKER BROTHERS Ft. Worth Was A Fabulous Waste Of Time / Throwing Shade / Ain’t Gonna Rain No More A wonderful backstory can’t hide the genius of Robert Earl Keen and Randy Rogers. 5. THE WAR AND TREATY Healing Tide Strong World Entertainment/Thirty Tigers 6. ELVIS COSTELLO & THE IMPOSTERS Look Now Concord Records/Concord Music 4. JOSH PETERS Who Closed The Honky Tonks / Pages Of My Heart / Just For Now (Until Forever) / Prison Of My Mind 7. THE MARCUS KING BAND Carolina Confessions Fantasy Records/Concord Music 8. New honky tonk that sounds just like future classics. RUSTON KELLY Dying Star Rounder Records/Concord Music 5. KENYON LOCKRY I’ll Show Me / Perfect World / Five Feet Of Lovin’ / Tongue, What Am I Gonna Do With You? / Turn The Hurt Up The Florida-based Mel Tillis protogé returns with a rockin’ honky tonkin’ set. 6. TOM BULLER She Lets Me Run / Flyin’ High To Keep From Feelin’ Low Country bluesman stakes a claim for the King of Lower Broadway. 7. THE WESTERN SWING AUTHORITY Dance with Who Brung Ya / Swingin’ From The Rafters Western swing, and they should know - they’re the Authority. 8. DILLON CARMICHAEL Hard On A Hangover / Country Women Could he be any more Outlaw? Highly rated and rightly so. 9. THE RECORD COMPANY All Of This Life Concord Records/Concord Music 10. AMOS LEE My New Moon 10. Don’t You Wanna DENNY STRICKLAND Dualtone Records 11. THE BLACK LILLIES Stranger To Me 11 Johnny Cash And Jesus Christ M CALLAHAN Attack Monkey/Thirty Tigers 12. JASON EADY I Travel On 12. Love Won’t Make Itself DAVID STARR Old Guitar Records 13. MIKE FARRIS Silver & Stone 13. C’mon & Dance NICK BRENNAN Compass Records 14. RHETT MILLER The Messenger 14. Wondering Why RUSTY GEAR ATO Records 15. THE BAND OF HEATHENS A Message From The People Revisited 15. Pray On The Radio RICHARD LYNCH BOH Records 16. VARIOUS ARTISTS King Of The Road: A Tribute To Roger Miller 16. From Here To Eternity MICHAEL PETERSON BMG 9. JOSHUA HEDLEY Singing A New Song The Robert’s regular gets prolific with the new tunes on 45. 10. BOOTS & THE HOOTS Lowered The Bar / Turnpike / The Bar That Raised Me / Next Big Thing / Hobo Shower Boots, hoots, and the roots of hardcore honky tonk all the live long day. COMPILED BY DUNCAN WARWICK THIS IS NOT A SALES CHART (SADLY) © 2018 COUNTRY MUSIC PEOPLE 64 cmp - DECEMBER 2018 17. GREGORY ALAN ISAKOV Evening Machines 17. When I’m Out Tonight DAVE SHERIFF Dualtone Records 18. BLACKBERRY SMOKE The Southern Ground Sessions EP 18. Bump MAGS 3 Legged Records/Thirty Tigers 19. JAMIE LIN WILSON Jumping Over Rocks 19. As Good As It Gets TERRY TANNER Jamie Lin Wilson Music 20. THE GIBSON BROTHERS Mockingbird 20. Never No More HANNAH JOHNSON Easy Eye Sound ©2018 Americana Music Association ©2018 Hotdisc