Country Music People December 2018 - Page 55

THE GRAND OLE OPRY (AIN’T SO GRAND) Hank williams iii This kid has issues, and it’s really no surprise when you hear this heartfelt and explicit rant. Hank’s grandson was also forthright when it came to putting the Dick In Dixie. COUNTRY AIN’T COUNTRY Travis Tritt No longer a member of the Country Club by the time he made this record. He used a quarter to tell us he still cares. FUCK THIS TOWN ROBBIe fulks How Nashville wouldn’t embrace the talent of Robbie Fulks is one of life’s greatest mysteries. Their loss, and a huge one at that. SHIP ME BACK TO TEXAS Chris Wall A co-write, and co-sung, with Dale Watson. It can be hard to find country music in Nashville. TODAY’S COUNTRY MUSIC Bob Corley Corley might be out of step but he makes his case in a stone country style. VIET-NASHVILLE Houston Marchman Making those Nashville music executives flinch. KICKED OUT OF COUNTRY MUSIC George Strait When even King George “don’t fit the format” anymore it is really saying something. USED TO BE A COUNTRY TOWN Sons of the Palomino Jeffrey Steele (and Gretchen Wilson) remembers when things were good, and does it with a bunch of twang. AIN’T GOT ONE HONKY TONK Jerry Kilgore “If you asked him to do some Lefty he’d say Lefty who?” Jerry Kilgore nailed it in perfect shuffle fashion. DEAR COUNTRY MUSIC lars pluto “What the fuck happened to you?” asks the now UK-based Michigan native in a song deserving of widespread attention. REDNECK SONS A BITCHES Craig Gerdes Dissillusionment in Music City. YOU AIN’T NO HANK Richie Allbright “Your hat and your boots are the only thing country about you” opines Allbright having a pop at pretty much everybody. WHEN COUNTRY WAS PROUD Ags Connolly It don’t matter where it’s from just so long as it’s heartfelt... and this is. NASHVILLE RUNAROUND Chuck Cusimano He gave up on Nashville years ago but Nashville should never have given up on the genius songwriting of Cusimano. COUNTRY MUSIC Amy Westney A young Brit yearning for the days when “country music had something to say.” DECEMBER 2018 - cmp 55