Country Music People December 2018 - Page 54

OH NO, NOT ANOTHER ONE I’LL TAKE TEXAS Posthumously released following the loss of the Texas legend, Sahm had had enough of “laser beams and smoke” on this gem from his superb The Return Of Wayne Douglas album. “.. and you keep Nashville.” The Florida-based traditionalist echoes many a country fan’s feeling on this two-stepper. WHAT’S WRONG WITH THE WAY WE’RE DOING IT NOW “It’s a far cry from that old steel guitar twang,” Carothers delivers in finest Outlaw style. Doug Sahm Justin Tubb Proving that it’s nothing new to be angry at the direction of country music, Justin Tubb’s song is possibly even more poingnat now than it was in the 70s. SOMEBODY SAVE THE HONKY TONKS Mark Chesnutt It’s not just the music, but the places in which it can traditionally be found that is at risk. COUNTRY IN A COUNTRY SONG Tyler Hammond The Dallas-based singer doesn’t ask for much, just some “country in a country song,” on this great song from just a couple of years ago. TOO LATE TO SAVE THE WORLD Daryle Singletary “But we can still save country music” suggests the late singer on what sadly became Singletary’s swansong. Also on the same album was Get Out Of My Country. Artie Rodriguez BACK TO HANK James Carothers THE OPRY AIN’T COUNTRY ANYMORE W C Edgar More often it’s radio and Music Row receiving the flak but the often outspoken WC Edgar takes a swipe at The Opry. HIPPIES AND COWBOYS Cody Jinks Spurning “trends” and “songs that sell,” Jinks considers himself better off with the Hippies And Cowboys. WHERE DID MY COUNTRY MUSIC GO? Scott Sharp Scott Sharp asks the ulimate question perfectly with fiddle, steel, and a simple melody. HANK WILLIAMS WOULDN’T MAKE IT NOW IN NASHVILLE TENNESSEE Eleven hundred springs Billy Hardwick Jr. Sad, but true. It’s been said before and will be said again but the Texas band do it to a Waylon-esque backbeat. It sure can seem that way sometimes. Hardwick was too country for country in the 90s and he sure hasn’t changed. Fightin’ the good fight from the land of Red Dirt. DOESN’T ANYBODY LIKE COUNTRY MUSIC ANYMORE AIN’T LEAVING TOWN Scott Southworth Ft. Bobby Marquez Two of Nashville’s best indie artists plan on sticking around and continuing to write real country songs. They might get lonely. NASHVILLE BLUES cory morrow IF THAT’S COUNTRY Dallas Wayne Like a Del Reeves homage, penned by Robbie Fulks, and containing the immortal line, “one million dollars won’t make her Merle.” Angry, and perfectly so. HEY NASHVEGAS! Jesse Dayton Dayton’s call-out asks many a pertinent question. IF IT AIN’T BROKE Whitey Morgan AND THE 78's No wonder this guy is already the stuff of legends. He sings it like he means it, and he does. 54 cmp - DECEMBER 2018