Country Music People December 2018 - Page 53

s g n o s t s e t The Pro Getting mad about the state of country music isn't new, and nor are songs bemoaning it. Besides, as Ameripolitan hero Dale Watson declared, " Now don't get me wrong, to each his own I believe. But they've took the soul out of what means a whole lot to me 'Cause I can see Hank and Lefty, they're spinning around in their graves And if they were here now, I think y'all know what they'd say... We're pissed, we're mad 'cause that's country, my ass..." Here we bring you some of country's best 'Protest Songs.' COUNTRY MY ASS Dale Watson Watson has long been critical of Nashville. As far back as his 1995 Cheatin’ Heart Attack album he was “breakin’ out in a Nashville Rash” and urging us to “speak up and say what’s wrong” the following year on A Real Country Song. “Why rock it, when you can swing it” pretty much says it all for Dale but he never quite put it as succintly as he did in Country My Ass.” MURDER ON MUSIC ROW Larry Cordle This song summed up how many felt, and still do. The “drums and rock’n’roll guitar mixed right up in your face” might have been replaced by drum loops and RnB beats but the message is the same. DECEMBER 2018 - cmp 53