Country Music People December 2018 - Page 45

THE BLOOD FEUD FAMILY SINGERS Adversary  Tall / I Didn’t Come Here For Your Honesty (Lie To Me) / No Heaven For I Pagliacci / A Little Off The Top / Cry For Me / From Grace To Ground / Just Before Hate / Devil Like Me / Sunday Night Gorgeous / I Named You For A Song / Emma Goldman’s Arrest / You’re Losing Her / Already Over Producer: Daryl Scherrer Self release 51:24 The Blood Feud Family Singers released their fantastic debut album, No Moon, back in 2015. Now they return with some more songs which explore the dark side of Americana-Country. All the new songs are originals, with most written by the wildly talented Daryl Scherrer. The lyrics are important on this album. The new release starts with Tall, which has an ominous start. The Blood Feud Family singers manage to give “growing up” a kind of dark edge. A very committed vocal here from Daryl Scherrer. The track I Didn’t Come Here For Your Honesty (Lie To Me) brings memories of some of the dark cynicism on the first album. The song speaks of being “prisoners of philosophy”. Dark Americana comes no better than this. A neat guitar solo as well. This track, and a few others, reminded me of the old songs of the Belgian legend Jacques Brel. Scott Walker also springs to mind. Yes, The Blood Feud Family Singers are in a different area from any other current Americana band. The song From Grace To Ground has a kind of east European gypsy-jazz feel. The vocal and lyrics have a late 1960s,Scott Walker feel. The track speaks of “self-styled Romeos”. Then moving on to “this world remembers everything we conveniently forgot”. The lyrics on Adversary are probably the best of 2018. Just Before Hate concerns The Marquis De Sade and Casanova meeting with God! The vocal here, sung by Daryl Scherrer, has real edge. He sings, “we taught the flesh to drink all the inks we wrote them in”. What a track! The sad mid-tempo Cry For Me starts with Phil Spector style drums. The passionate vocal then hits the spot. Years ago this would probably have been released as a single. The album ends with Already Over, which clocks-in at just under six minutes. The simple arrangement with acoustic guitar-fiddle works a treat. This atmospheric ballad is one of the best songs of 2018. Again we find stunning lyrics, such as “we suffer our love”. In my opinion The Blood Feud Family Singers are the best band in the world right now. They offer a special kind of dark Americana plus the sharpest lyrics this side of Leonard Cohen. The new release is on the same level as the band’s 2015 masterpiece No Moon. Darkness has never been so entertaining. Paul Riley DECEMBER 2018 - cmp 45