Country Music People December 2018 - Page 43

CHUCK CUSIMANO The Collection Vol 2  My Eileen / Too Choked Up To Chuckle / Dont It Make You Glad / Good Case Of The Blues / Mexicali Lady / I Never Loved You That Much / Lonely Texas Highway / Deeper In The Doghouse / When Love Was A Sport / I Never Lost You / You’ve Still Got Him In Your Eyes / May All Your Dreams Come True / Lets Start By Saying Hello/ Without You / There’s Only One / Leave Me Now / Fast Lane /I Don’t Get Enough / Three Chords And A Bottle / You Should’ve Been There / My Heart Is Back In Texas / You Don’t Have To Say Goodbye / Tomorrows Promised Sunrise / Loneliest Broken Heart Producer: Chuck Cusimano Cusimusico 74:37 I’ve long believed that Chuck Cusimano is one of the best writers of traditional country out there. He is living proof that no artist, whoever they are, needs to record sub-standard songs when Cusimano has forgotten more great songs than most people can even dream of writing. For proof, here are a collection of 24 songs he has written over the years and found ‘lying around.’ If you haven’t got an hour and a quarter to spare then do yourself a favour and listen to You Don’t Have to Say Goodbye. In that three and half minutes you can experience everything I love about country music, and Texas country music in particular. The shuffle beat, the fiddle, the steel, the tune, heartbreaking lines like “You don’t have to say goodbye, you’ve already gone in your mind,” it does them all perfectly and if you don’t agree then we’re probably not going to agree on much. Cusimano is a freakin’ genius and he proves it here 24 times. His melodies, such as on the closing Loneliest Broken Heart touch me as only special melodies can. Cusimano constantly epitomises everything I love. How can you go wrong with a song called Three Chords And A Bottle. It tells the story of being holed up in a motel room on a mission to write a woman out of his life in a song. It delivers everything it promises and more. Budding country singers, I urge you to seek this song out. It’s a killer, and only the most dedicated of country fans is likely to have ever heard it before. I could say the same of every track here, and that folks, is a crime to country music. If I was George or Alan I’d be cutting a tribute album to Chuck Cusimano pronto. Across these 24 tracks we get to follow Cusimano’s songwriting over the past several decades. Some are of their time, Lonely Texas Highway for example could only have come from the 70s and Too Choked Up To Chuckle even earlier. Each one is like finding a previously unheard classic. The trouble is, sad songs and waltzes, let alone two-steps, aren’t in fashion anymore anywhere but Texas, but if that is still your thing you will not go wrong with Chuck Cusimano. It’s like finding brand new old records, and fabulous ones at that. I really cannot recommend this highly enough to anyone who enjoys Heart of Texas-type stuff. Duncan Warwick