Country Music People December 2018 - Page 34

TOM BULLER When A Country Boy Gets The Blues  She Lets Me Run / If I Can Make Texas Tonite / You Must Be An Angel / When A Country Boy Gets The Blues / Whiskey And Wanting You / Shackles Of Your Memory / Flyin High To Keep From Feelin Low / Same Old Solution / I’ve Tried Producer: Tom Buller Self release 38:13 34 cmp - DECEMBER 2018 If you’re one of those people who’d gladly trade the whole of the current top 10 artists on the country chart (rather than just Billy Ray as suggested by Chris Wall) to get Keith Whitley back then you’re going to love Tom Buller. A fixture of Nashville’s Broadway where he has been plying his neon-bathed hardcore honky tonk in establishments such as Layla’s for some time, there can be no denying that Buller has an air of Whitley about his voice. No wonder Whitley’s widow, Lorrie Morgan, is quoted on his website as saying, “Tom Buller is the best male country singer out there today.” She might well be right, especially if you’ve been hoping for a country artist to come along who might stand a chance of filling the boots of the Kentucky Bluebird. Not only that, but while he’s about it this country boy could remind Alan Jackson and Clint Black that they no longer release records like they used to. Opening with She Lets Me Run, I felt as though I had been taken back to 1989. By the second track you could be forgiven for thinking you’ve uncovered some tracks Clint Black laid down before he made it to album number two. Flyin’ High To Keep From Feelin’ Low is another of that ilk, and being as I think Killin’ Time is one of the greatest albums ever made it was fine with me. Buller’s nasally vocals might not be for everyone but I love them. There’s a hint in the title that suggest Buller might appreciate some country blues and indeed he does on the title track. However, don’t let that put you off. This is how to do it right. Hank Jr. would be proud. Shackles Of Your Memory also dips its toe into similar territory but manages not to overstay its welcome, even at five minutes. There is no way someone could cut songs like Whiskey And Wanting You or the closing slowie I’ve Tried without a deep appreciation for stone country. Tom Buller might have been listening to some Gary Stewart that day and he smashes them out of the park. Tom Buller is a singer demanding the attention of fans of hard country and this album is undoubtedly one of the best of the year. I’d advise you not to miss it. Duncan Warwick