Country Music People December 2018 - Page 14

WEEK LIFE ... IN THE Mark Hagen (BBC Radio 2 Producer) 8-15 Nov 2018 Bob Harris Country BBC Radio 2 Thursdays 8-9pm “ A h, November - poppies, fireworks, crisp autumn nights and the busiest week in the Bob Harris Country calendar! Busy because, of course, it’s the CMA Awards and so we decamp to Nashville for 5 days to cover the event for Radio 2, to record as many sessions for the programme as we can pack in, renew old friendships, make new ones and generally stoke the fires of the programme for the year to come. In common with most Radio 2 programmes, “Bob Harris Country” is not a huge operation: Bob presents it, I do everything else and our editor is Al Booth, with the team expanding for bigger events like our coverage of the C2C weekend and this coming week. It also sometimes shrinks - Radio 2’s coverage of the CMA Music Festival for example typically consists of me with a tape recorder! In the last couple of years, the BBC has also reacquired the rights to the CMA TV show, and so Bob and I also have to film the opening links for that before sending all the material back to London for a quick turnaround edit. But before all that, we have a live radio programme to make... 14 cmp - DECEMBER 2018 Thursday November 8th The Bob Harris Country week generally starts on a Friday, when I send Bob an update on the week’s new releases, chart positions and general country music news so he can make a start on putting the show together for the following week. The brief for the programme is to provide a weekly snapshot of country music in all its forms, and so over the course of each month you’ll find modern chart country rubbing up against Americana, bluegrass, country rock, Hank Williams, Patsy Cline, Willie Nelson and of course our regular live music sessions. This week, however, is our CMA Award preview show and so it’s an hour of