Country Music People December 2017 - Page 49

classics, reissues and compilations TAMMY WYNETTE You & Me / Let’s Get Together  You And Me / Every Now And Then / Funny Face / The Hawaiian Wedding Song / Little Things / Jesus Send A Song / One Of These Days / You Hurt The Love Right Out Of Me / When Love Was All We Had / Dixieland (You Will Never Die) / Let’s Get Together (One Las t Time) / If We Never Love Again / Loving You, I Do / It’s Gonna Take A Long, Long Time / You Could Be Coming To Me / Your Sweet Lies (Turned Down My Sheets Again) / Cheatin’ Is / I Can Love You / No One Can Take His Place / I Can Still Believe In You Re-issue Producer: Lee Simmonds Morello Records 57:50 Only two months ago I reviewed another of these Tammy twofer compilations from the same people and whilst I am aware Christmas is coming and something like this could be a very nice and reasonably priced gift for the ageing country music fan in your life, I can’t help feeling it may be too much too soon. This time the albums are from 1976 and 77 respectively; Let’s Get Together only just managed to sneak into the country album Top 20 while You And Me made it to #4, the title track providing Tammy with her last ever chart topping single. Once again the principal interest may be in the reminder this gives of songs long forgotten and songs never perhaps heard before. We get some interesting covers such as Donna Fargo’s Funny Face, Johnny Paycheck’s You Hurt The Love Right Out Of Me and the charming Little Things, penned by Willie Nelson and his second wife Shirley Collie and of course we get a classy reminder of that unique sob-in-the-voice vocal style Billy Sherrill coaxed out and then emphasised with clever use of choral and string arrangements. Without doubt this is quality; a professionally presented package with well written liner notes from the erudite Mr Tony Byworth and, as with its recent predecessor, represents a potential must have for the devoted Tammy Wynette fan and the serious country music collector alike. I also think collections such as this could and should be a source of new material for the next generation of country singers – quality songs from forty years ago that still stand up today and which present the opportunity for a talented vocalist to “make their own”. I enjoyed this collection just as I did the album two months ago, but were I a potential paying customer for them I seriously doubt I would have bought both. Which one I would have purchased is a difficult question to answer and my choice may well differ from yours so check them both out anyway. Chris Smith DECEMBER 2017 - cmp 49