Country Music People December 2017 - Page 46

albumreviews CHRIS YOUNG Losing Sleep  Losing Sleep / Hangin’ On / Holiday / Radio And The Rain / Where I Go When I Drink / She’s Got A Way / Leave Me Wanting More / Trouble Looking / Woke Up Like This / Blacked Out Producers: Corey Crowder & Chris Young Sony 30:34 Chris Young won the TV talent show, Nashville Star, in 2006 and since then he has made seven CDs and had numerous hit singles including several Number 1s. Now comes his new album and we are expected to praise his creativity but every song is written with at least two other writers so in total he has written little more than the equivalent of three songs. And this, I think, is the problem. If you listen to a Guy Clark or Rodney Crowell album, you know that they believe in the songs, that there is nothing else they want to sing about on this particular day. That’s not the case here. These songs sound like a songwriting exercise. You can imagine Chris Young, Josh Hoge and Jon Randall sitting around. “Blacked out? That’s a good phrase.” “Blacked out like what?” “My Ray-Bans.” “A black cloud.” “Well, that’s a bit obvious – how about Emmylou’s guitar?” “Good one – don’t forget the Man in Black.” “And a black Mustang.” “How about a coal mine?” “Th