Country Music People December 2017 - Page 34

“ fans who came onboard with the New Traditional movement, this is one you’re not going to want to miss. ” SONS OF THE PALOMINO Sons Of The Palomino  Runnin’ Around / Authentic / When Lonely Calls / Countryholic / Outta This Town / Lie / Independent Trucker / Whiskey Years / Hole In The Wall / Unbroken People / Used To Be A Country Town / Nobody Does Lonely Like You / Old Roads And Lost Highways Producer: Jeffrey Steele BFD 47:42 34 cmp - DECEMBER 2017 Sons Of The Palomino is a vehicle for Jeffrey Steele who used to be in the group Boy Howdy back in the 90s. Boy Howdy were a lot of fun and certainly eminently preferable to Matthews, Wright, and King. Jeffrey Steele grew up on West Coast country and he’s named his “supergroup” in honour of California’s Palomino club which was once the home for West Coast country in the 80s. Steele has also had a fair amount of success as a songwriter with cuts by Tim McGraw and Rascal Flatts (but I won’t hold that against him). Steele even wrote with Chris Stapleton more than a decade ago. Mourning the passing of the shuffle in mainstream country, he formed Sons Of The Palomino and has made a record like they used to make. In fact I think 1993 has called wanting its record back, but it can’t have it because we need it now in 2017 even more than we would have needed it back then. David Allan nailed it in a recent column when he sung the praises of Jeffrey Steele and the Sons Of The Palomino album. There are guests like John Rich, Emmylou Harris, Jamey Johnson, John Anderson, Gretchen Wilson and Vince Gill but, whilst they might help give the record exposure and creditability in some quarters, I wonder how necessary they really are. I get the feeling I’d have liked this album just as much without them. Despite being released a few months ago the album has proved a little elusive but let me assure you, country fans who came onboard with the New Traditional movement, this is one you’re not going to want to miss. Countryholic not only lives up to its title, it would have been a certain chart topper in the early 90s even if it bears all the hallmarks of a linedance classic. I not only like what it says, I really like the way it says it. But there’s a lot of quality to be found here and it’s not all shuffles like the opening Runnin’ Around. Ballad When Lonely Calls is a killer of a country song that reminds me slightly of Randy Houser’s Anything Goes, but Lie is almost as good and even Outta This Town which owes a lot to Springsteen’s Racing In The Streets or the modern truckin’ song Independent Trucker, Jeffrey Steele can do it all. It seems a bit of a shame to refer to this album or even others like it as “throwback” but that’s the term that the US media seems to be throwing at it. What that translates to is basically a country record that sounds like a country record and that we even have to call that throwback illustrates just how sorry a situation the genre is in. However, with records like this and Midland’s album it proves there are still things being released for people who got into country during the CMT years. If that’s you: don’t miss this exceptionally strong album! Duncan Warwick