Country Music People December 2017 - Page 32

“Age doesn’t matter and you certainly don’t have to have lived it to sing it because Charlie McNeal obviously knows his way around a country song.” CHARLIE McNEAL Runaway Train  Good Outweighs The Bad / Sunshine Patriot / Runaway Train / Wyoming / You’ll Turn Out Fine / Devil Went To Heaven / Cheap Cigars And Motel Rooms / Friends With A Barstool / This Road Don’t Lead To Nowhere / Out Of Luck Producer: not listed Self release 37:57 32 cmp - DECEMBER 2017 Charlie McNeal is barely old enough to drive and he’s certainly not old enough to drink - legally anyway - but he’s already on to album number two. Having so impressed me a year ago with his debut, Runaway Train shows a slightly more grown-up side to Charlie McNeal. But I guess at that age a year can make a huge difference to where you are at. In some ways this album surpasses his debut because it seems as though he’s not trying quite so hard. He’s relaxing into and finding a sound of his own which is somewhere between the traditional country of the 90s and modern Outlaw. Not only are his vocals impressive but Charlie McNeal has also written all of the songs here with his sister and just about every track ought to be radio friendly. The album was recorded in Nashville and the production is spot on. The overall feel is one of a slightly more mainstream Chris Stapleton or Jamey Johnson and that sits very well with me. In fact, whilst I can’t fault the production here, I’d love to hear Charlie McNeal produced by JJ and one listen to Cheap Cigars And Motel Rooms and you’ll know what I mean. The song is a killer with terrific steel guitar and a modern honky tonk edge to it. That Jamey Johnson ambience is also evident on Devil Went To Heaven and the timber of McNeal’s voice means that it all g ́ѽѡȁɕ䁹ݥѠ)ٕѡեхȁͽ͕́ɥи)ͻeЁѕȁԁх䁑eЁٔ)ѼٕٔЁѼͥЁ͔ ɱ59)٥ͱ䁭́́݅䁅ɽչչͽ)]ЁձeЁѼȁ䁽ɑ)ȰݡéͥЁɥ́]Ѡ) ѽ́ͼѕɱ䁍٥丁QɅ)ͼ́ɕЁ͔!ɝ)Qմ́ݥѠ=ݕ́Q) ӊéѼ͕ݡѡ䁍͔ѡ)ͽѼQɽՍѥ́ձ)ѡͽɝՅ䁵ɔѕɅͽչ)ѡѡ͔ɔЁѥɕх)=ѱ܀ӊéɽ59éЁ)Ʌ!ݕٕȰ59éݕͥєѡɗé)ѥٕͥݡٕ́ѕȁͥ)͡ձٔ́Ʌѡմ)=Ё=1Ս́՝䁍э䁅Ёѡ)ѡ$ձ)I٥)$ԁЁѼݕQ́IeЁ1)Q9ݡɔѼȁɥѡ)ѥԁȁи%ЁձЁٔ)]́и) ɱ59́ѡ́մ)́ɕ䁅͡ЁɽݕȰ$)ٕɝٔѡեхɥЁȁѥ)፥ѕٕ䁹܁$ѽ፥ѕ)Ё ɱ59!éЁɥЁɔ))չ]ݥ