Country Music People December 2017 - Page 28

who is also a banjo player, which explains how we got to be on such a high profile show. Here we talk about the new album, play a couple of songs, and jam on one with Tom, who has his banjo with him. He’s from New Finland and knows a version of what we call Soldier’s Joy but they call Billy Put the Pedal On. After the radio show taping, Béla heads to the hotel to work on Banjo Concerto #3, and Juno, Abby and Helen take to the streets of Toronto visiting a railroad museum and navigating the subway station back to the hotel. A huge pillow fight ensued upon arriving back at the hotel, and a lengthy game of hide-and-seek before finding a Greek restaurant for dinner and taxiing back to the bus, which is in a parking yard north of town. Round 11 pm we are back on the road heading for Kent, Oh. Thurs. Nov. 2 After a couple more late night wake ups - first to cross the border, and second to pick up our merch at that hotel, we make it to Kent. Luckily the border guards let Juno stay asleep this time and just peak in with a flashlight. We meet up with Michelle Mullaly for lunch, president and CEO of the Canton Symphony. She has an idea for a double or triple concerto combining Chinese and American instruments that we discuss. Juno and Abby and Helen head to a field near the theatre so Juno can hit golf balls. He’s a golfer. Banjo to us is as golf is to Juno. Then on to The Kent Stage for soundcheck and show. The show was loads of fun at a cool funky old theatre. This is the kind of place that smells like beer and looks messy when you walk in, but when the crowd comes in all of a sudden it becomes a magical space. We had a wonderful time there. After the show, it’s back onto the bus and back to Toronto, leaving at midnight. able to play 7 out of the 11 tracks on the album live, so we are making some progress. Sun. Nov. 5 After a midnight leave, we got to Lancaster early in the morning. This was a good thing, because we had a matinee show, at 3 pm. So the whole loading in and sound checking process happened fast and early. In the morning Abby played “throw the rock at the sign on the wall” at an old factory yard with Juno. Béla power walked around the college, while listening to Vijay Iyer’s latest, as Richard and Josie set the stage up. The show was really fun, and playing in the afternoon does feel different. After the show our whole bus family (us, Juno, Helen, Josie, Richard and Béla’s mom) got to have dinner together backstage, and then Juno led an amazing jam with the instruments that were there at the school - full drums, percussion and a piano. Watching parts of the Woodstock film had fired him up about drums, and he bashed them intently, while the rest of us hung on for dear life. He said he was inspired by the 16 year old kid that played with Santana in the Woodstock movie. Drums are loud! And thankfully we had an early night and all got to sleep in a hotel for the first night in some time. Fri. Nov. 3 Same deal again - drop off the merch in a hotel, and then cross the border in the dark of night. We spent the day with an old friend who now programs shows at the Aga Khan Muslim Museum, Jon Campbell, (Abby’s old pal from setting up and tour managing independent tours of China) and then did our show at the Danforth Music Hall. Last time we played Toronto it was a bit out of town and didn’t draw the c ɽݐݗeȸQ́ѥݔɕЁɽݐ)͡܁M䰁ѡ݅́չѼєЁ) ́Ѽ͕Ёѡ͔ܰ͡ѡɔ݅́ͼՍQ屽ȁMݥЁɽՍ)ѡ݅ɕ͔ѡЁ́ձЁչQݕɔѼ) ̰ͽѡѕ̸QЁѡѡȀȁͼ)́ݡ݅ѕQ́́͡܁̸̰ͥ)Mи9ظ)ЁЁݔѡɕѽȁЁɑȁ)Ѽȁɍѡȁ ѡ9d])5ѥѡ͕Ёѕݡɔݔձ͡ݕȰݔչ e)ݡɱ䁵ɹ́ɕɽ9܁eɬ Ѽ)̸MݽձɥݥѠ́ȁѡЁ܁̸)Q͡܁݅́饹ɽЁ ѡ]̸Q́݅́ͼѡ)ѥȁ]ѽѡͥѥمѡЁͼՍЁ(䰁ͥQɔ݅́]ѽ͕մͥє)չ)́Ёɕͥ́)!ɥఁ)́)Q ͼ)䁵ɔɕəɵ̸)]ѽ)չȁɔͽչɽȁɥݡɔ)չɽѱ)ͱȁݽɭݡݔٕ啐ѡɥͥєѡ)]ѽѥمQ͡܁݅́ɕ䁙ո́ɕ䁱)ЁݔЁݔݕɔ她ݕ]啐ͽ d)I͔ȁѡ͕ѥɔ%ӊéɐѼхͽѡЁ׊eٔ)啐ѡՑ䁥ЁٔeԁeЁɕ䁽ɥ́͡)ѕ̰́ԁѡՑٕѽȁݔȁݸ)ɕɑͽ́ѼɸȁхQ́ѽȁЀԁݕ́)ݔ͡ձѼЁ͕ٕɅ܁́ѽѡȸЁѡ́Ёݔɔ( 5 H)59ظ)ɽչ4ݔȁA䰁ݡɔݔх]ɱ ѡ)ѕɹѕȁɥ٥ݔ݅Ʌ䀡 éѼѡɅ)хѥͼ͡ձѼ5хMéٕ䁍)啅ȁѕɅٕȁݸѼ͕̰ȁѡȁɅ)1QЁ݅́ͽչѡܸ͡)Qх݅́ɕ䁍Յѡ՝ѡɔ݅́ՑՑ)Q䁅ݕ́Ѽɕ䁄ѡչ̰͔aɕɑ)ѕϊd]ЁЁݔձѡѕȰͼݔɥ)QӊéѡѡЁ她Ʌѡӊéхȁѕȸ)]ٔ她ѼЁȁͥ́́ͥѡ́݅́)Ѽ͠ȁѡи)ѕȁѡ͕аݔѕݥѠѡՕ́ȁݡѡ)ȁ]̰ѼЁͽѡ䁙ѡ̰ɔɅٕ)ѼᅹɥYɝ)չ1=YL٥ѽɥ)ȁͼ ѽЀȁȁѽѡЁՑ)ɕ䁝Ё̰ܰͥ͡ѕѕȁɅٕ-̰)ɵѽȁ́չхѽل)Mݥɱ)QЁЁݔɔѕ٥ܰѡ́ѥٕȁѽ䁙ȁ )9ͱѕȸ ɑ́́ٔѡ饹]Ёٕȁݡ)́ѼɕЁЁݡݔ͕Ёѡก ɔѡЁݔ))չѼѕ]Ёѽє)Qɽ܁ݗe䁥ᅹɥٕȁѡЁݕ́ݗeͼ)䁥A٥A ѥɔɕЁ ɥѽ5̰)5ɕ ѽAѱ=ɔ-9 A嵽Ѡ9 )՝=ɔMѱ ]͠Aѱ=ɕ+