Country Music People December 2017 - Page 27

Juno from eating all that candy! At midnight we boarded the tour bus for Toronto. Wed. Nov. 1 We were woken up a few times in the night. The first time was to drop off all our merchandise at a hotel on the south side of the border; CDs, T shirts, etc. Carrying all that stuff into Canada is complicated, and best avoided if possible. At the border you have to declare all of it, and pay duty on every single item. When you leave Canada you have to count it all again and prove what was not sold, followed by submitting a request to be reimbursed, which usually takes 6 months to receive. And all of this is usually at 3 in the morning - so best not to carry merch in. Then we headed to the Detroit airport to drop off our 2nd driver, since one driver couldn’t drive the whole trip. The 3rd stop was the border, where the guards ask for everyone to come in and sit under the fluorescent lights and wait; faces need to be compared with our passports before entry. And then it’s back to our bunks to get whatever sleep we can before morning, as our bus driver Mark continues his night drive. Thanks to our Tour Manager, Richard Battaglia, for doing the heavy lifting through the night. Around noon we head over to the CBC, which is kind of like the NPR of Canada. Here we record a radio show called Q, with Tom Power, a host DECEMBER 2017 - cmp 27