Country Music People December 2017 - Page 16

RANDY HOUSER One of the good guys randy houser haS TOPPED THE CHARTS AS BOTH A SONGWRITER AND A SINGER, BUT DUNCAN WARWICK FINDS A DESIRE IN HIM TO GET BACK TO BASICS. R andy Houser is one of the good guys. He might laugh it off and modestly say, “I try”, but Houser on any given day has more substance than most of the Top 10 artists put together. Since he made his chart debut in 2008 there have been ups and downs, and several recording contracts, but the Mississippian singer and songwriter hasn’t just bounced back, he’s bounced higher each time. Nonchalant, though, doesn’t really do Houser justice. A casual observer might think he just doesn’t care, or that he’s not focused on his career, but it’s more a matter of integrity. Yes, he actually has some, and values his artistry above commercial success. It always seems as though Randy Houser would rather be performing his songs in a sweaty little club miles off the beaten track than swanning around at awards shows. Despite Houser’s first single, Anything Goes, being one of the best songs of the late noughties it criminally peak Ѐ܁ѥͽչ́Ёѽȁ剽e)ٕܸ+q$ѡЁͽ݅́Ё́ѥt͡ɕ̸q%ѽéݽɱ)䁥ѡMхѕ̰$ѡѡЁͽٕѡѡЁͽЁٕɕɕٕ͡)ݥѠ́ѱ䁅́Ёи$ѡѡЁЁѥЁͽЁɽ͔ѡ)ݡЁ%Ё݅́Ёѡ́ѡѡЁՍЁ$ѡЁ݅́ѥհѥѡѼ)ЁͽѡѡЁаЁ܁$ѡѡЁЁݽձɽхѕȁt)!ѥ!͕ˊéٽѡ́Ёѱѕȁȁѡܵ)ͥ ́=ݡݥѡݡͭȁхѡѽЁѡ ɐ) ЁЁЁ啅́ѕȁ!͕ȁٕѼM܁Iɑ́)ɕɑɔ́ѡ͕ɔ%Ё͕́ѡ՝݅́ѥɥ)ѡх́ɕѥɽѡɥѕ́ѡQɅ́ѕ)!Q ́ЁЁѕȁ٥Ѽ9͡٥Ѽͽɥѕȸ(؁ 5 H