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ways, and I feel like you’ve got to work for the rest of it.” As well as performing at the Grand Ole Opry (more than a dozen times) at The Ryman, and numerous renowned festivals including CMA Fest and Merle Fest, EmiSunshine has alrerady shared the stage with Loretta Lynn and The Time Jumpers. “The Time Jumpers — that was awesome!” she recalls. “I guess that the way we got to go up there and play with them, my management company talked to them for a little while and said, ‘I’ve got this young lady who is a singer- songwriter and is fixing to go big’. That’s what they told them. I guess that they said, ‘Okay, she can come up here and sing with us’. Vince Gill knew who I was and the rest of them didn’t, but I got up there and I sang for them and I had the best time. I was not expecting it. It was really cool. “I’ve gotten to sing with a bunch of people now but I guess that I would love to sing with Dolly Parton. I love Dolly. She’s amazing and I’d love to meet her too.” For a thirteen year old, Emi is already a seasoned performer. She plays 50 dates a year, has her own tour bus, and is wise beyond her years. She also possesses a set of pipes that will floor the discerning fan of country and roots music. Without being bigheaded the teenager herself realises that people are surprised when they witness an EmiSunshine performance firsthand. “Yeah, they really are,” she laughs. “I get that a lot. I guess that my family and I have been playing for so long and I’ve been learning so many things along the way. I think that whenever we have people come up they usually... some of them are in tears and some of them are just shocked. I feel like… I think whenever they do that I’m doing my job and I’m doing what I’m meant to do. Whenever I see them out there crying or in shock it makes me really happy to be able to do that. I guess that seeing people out there surprised and everything makes me really confident in what I’m doing.” Perhaps surprisingly for one so young, EmiSunshine’s music is rooted in tradition and as she likes to put it, “Old time music turned upside down. That’s what we always strive for. We want to bring the older stuff back.” Her musical taste is also beyond her 12 cmp - DECEMBER 2017 years and she deliberately stays away from the more poppy chart music that’s usually associated with her age group. Emi says, “The main reason was because I didn’t really feel no heart in that. It didn’t make me feel anything. When you can’t feel something from music and when it can’t reach your heart then what are you supposed to do with it? And I guess that another reason was because it’s the thing that was in right now. Everybody would go to that because that’s what everybody else was listening to and I feel like that’s just something that I don’t want to get involved with. You make a difference in the world by being yourself and not being like everybody else.” Her good taste in music she says, “I think I mostly got it from my mum and my dad. They used to play a lot of Dolly Parton, a lot of different types of artists around the house. They love the Louvin Brothers too which I love, and just a lot of people that were really amazing. I feel like that was the stuff that my mum and dad always used to play around the house so I guess I was influenced by that. “The Louvin Brothers have all these amazing storie ́dͽ́ݡ$)ٔt͡՝̸+q$ٔ$ٔ$ٔ) ͠))չ ѕȸ'eٔɹЁɽ)չ)]$ЁхѕЁ$ݽձɕ)хх$ݽձѕѼ)չ)$Օ́ѡЁ$݅́ɔչ䁽)х$݅́ɔѕɅѥٔݥѠ)) ͠$Ёٕѡ)ͽ́$ٕ܁Ёe)ݡЁٕ剽݅ѕѼ)eЁѡ݅ѡЁٕ剽)݅ѕѼ啐ݡЁ)݅ѕѡЁ݅́Ё饹Ѽ)M$Օ́ѡɔɔ܁́ѡ)ѡЁɔɽ䁵䁙ٽɥѕ͔́)ѡݕɔՔѼѡ͕ٕ̻t)Mչ́͡ɕ䁄ɽ)ͽɥѕȰ٥ɥѕȁЁͽ)ݡ݅́͡Ёٔ啅́)͡éɕ䁱ЁչЁ܁)ͽ́́͡ɥѕ)IȁЁѕЁЁɥѥ)̰͡ͅq$Օ́ѡЁͽ݅́)ͽ͔䁑éͥѡ)ݽձͥЁͽ̸Q)ݕɔɅٕɽչͥѡ)ͽ́ѡݽձѼɕ)ɍ́ɕЁѥم́$)݅ѕѼɥє䁙Ёͽ)$хѕɥѥЁݥѠ䁵մ