Country Images Magazine North Edition November 2017 - Page 19

The Lost Houses of Derbyshire by Maxwell Craven Th e Full Street front of Th e Devonshire Hospital in May 1855 as photographed by Richard Keene. [Derby Museums Trust] THE DEVONSHIRE HOSPITAL DERBY Someone mentioned to me the other day that there were many other lost houses of historic and architectural importance apart from country mansions and town gentry houses and why didn’t I write about something just slightly different every now and again? Well, often the problem is that a paucity of images prevents one from doing so, but the other day I was going through a folio of drawings and came across a re-constructed elevation of the Devonshire Hospital in Full Street, beautifully drawn by the later Edward Saunders. It occurred to me that here was a building designed and built to the highest standards to house a specifi c group of people which richly deserved to be chronicled. | 19