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It is not only our products that make a difference. We are also involved in many projects aimed at making the world a better place... ACCORD ON FIRE AND BUILDING SAFETY IN BANGLADESH The Accord is a five-year contract to improve safety in the Bangladeshi textile industry, focusing on building, electrical, and fire safety. Over two million textile workers are directly affected by the work of Accord, which is, therefore, one of our most important projects regarding social responsibilities. 10. BSCI (BUSINESS SOCIAL COMPLIANCE INITIATIVE) Pa r ti cipa nt of B I SC BSCI is an initiative for businesses that want to improve working conditions in the global supply chain. Their code of conduct is making demands on all members’ suppliers, for example regarding wages and the prohibition of child labour, forced labour, and discrimination. TEXTILE EXCHANGE Textile Exchange is an international organisation working for a responsible expansion of organic cotton farming. Today, the available supply of organic cotton is not enough to meet the rising demand. MISTRA FUTURE FASHION Mistra Future Fashion is a research programme focusing on sustainable fashion and working for a positive future for the fashion industry. The programme has a unique system perspective, and the vision and aim of the programme is to ensure a systemic change to transform the industry into a sustainable one. Their inter-¬disciplinary ap- proach consists of research in areas such as design, supply chains, users, and recycling, in collaboration with a large consortium¬ of more than 40 research and industry part- ners, including Cottover. Visit CLEAN SHIPPING INDEX The Clean Shipping Index is an initiative aimed at encouraging shipping companies to use cleaner ships that are more environmentally friendly, in order to reduce chemical and greenhouse gas emissions into our oceans. COLOURS 100 105 255 white offwhite ca. PMS 7499 C yellow ca. PMS 123 C 290 460 645 orange ca. PMS 1585 C red ca. PMS 200 C green ca. PMS 360 C 725 767 855 sky blue ca. PMS 543 C royal ca. PMS 287 C navy ca. PMS 655 C 885 980 990 purple ca. PMS 269 C charcoal ca. PMS 432 C black Please note that, for technical reasons connected to photography and printing, colour deviations between the catalogue images and the actual products may occur. Moreover, the product images and the contextualised photos may differ slightly, due to variations in lighting. In those cases, please refer to the product images.