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Cottover has the following certifications: Made with Fairtrade Cotton Fairtrade is an international mark that aims to end poverty through fair trade. GOTS is an international label for clothes and textiles. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is run by commission of the government An international label for clothes and textile raw materials Fairtrade certifies the cotton used in garments. Always uses organic cotton. The products cannot contain any harmful substances = Confidence in Textiles. Cotton farmers are guaranteed a minimum price for their cotton, covering the costs of sustainable production. All polyester comes from recycled materials. The purpose of the label is to help consumers choose the most environmentally- friendly products available on the market. The cotton farmers also get a bonus that can be used to invest in schools, hospitals, wells, etc. In addition, Fairtrade has standards regarding democracy and that require organisational rights. Children get the opportunity to go to school instead of working. 85% of consumers buy at least one product with the Fairtrade mark per month, and nearly 50% say that they will buy more Fairtrade products in the following year, according to a recent survey made by TNS Sifo All cotton comes from Fairtrade certified producers. Find out more on Many chemicals that are a health hazard and harmful to the environment must be left out of the manufacturing process. A guarantee that human rights and the ILO Core Conventions are being honoured. Complete traceability throughout the supply chain The garment must pass tests of durability and colourfastness. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is known by 96% of people in Sweden, making it the most well-known of all the eco-labels. Clothes labelled with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel have the lowest environmental impact possible throughout the production chain – from raw material to end product. Chemicals posing a risk to human health and the environment are avoided in the manufacturing process. Makes demands on working conditions in accordance with the ILO Core Conventions. Strict quality requirements! The colours and shapes of the clothes should withstand tough wear and tear. Lab tests include tests for prohibited substances, harmful chemicals and substances that are suspected to be harmful to human health. The tests are only carried out by authorised and independent laboratories. With over 65,000 certificates issued, the label Confidence in Textiles is the most well-known and used independent label for textiles tested for harmful substances in the world. A guarantee that the products comply with the EU directive REACH. REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of Chemicals)