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When choosing Cottover, you contribute by: Reducing unnecessary waste of the Earth’s resources by choosing high-quality clothes that are designed to be used again and again. Fight poverty through fair payment to cotton farmers. Support organic cotton farmers who have chosen to utilise their land without chemical pesticides and artifi- cial fertilisers which risk leading to eutrophication. Support suppliers who follow ILO’s core conventions and who refrain from many production chemicals that are hazardous to health and the environmental. Create transparency in the supply chain through knowing that all participants are annually certified, both for their environmental work and for their working conditions. Create the conditions needed for employees in developing countries to improve their living conditions. Secure sustainable development where it has the greatest impact. Cottover goods are manufactured in Bangladesh, where the textile industry is highly important as it employs 4 million people and comprises 80% of the country’s income from exports. In step with manufacturing increasing GDP per capita, poverty decreased and living conditions increase. Encouraging those suppliers who invest in environmentally-suited methods and improved working conditions, thus creating a positive effect and incentive for additional suppliers to do the same. Perhaps most important of all: You contribute to the increased demand for high-quality clothes from sustainable production. A product is not sustainable if no one buys it. It is first when consumers choose sustainable products over others that we can together change the textile industry at base.